Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is more than 35,000 shops that gives this town the right to claim the title of trendsetter along with such recognized in this case, the centers of world fashion-industry, such as Milan, Paris, new York. In any district of Barcelona, you can find shopping malls, boutiques and outlets offering products that can satisfy the most demanding taste. Website Stylish feature decided to compile for you a short guide to shopping in Barcelona.

Organizational issues

Order shopping was a success and was not overshadowed by anything, you must take note of some features of the trade of Barcelona.

The Spanish revere the sacred Siesta, therefore, in the period from 13: 00 to 16: 30 most of the shops closed.

— Also don’t plan shopping on a Sunday – this day is a weekend for almost all of the boutiques and shopping centers.

— Most shops are open from 9: 30 am and till 22: 00 with a break for Siesta. Large shopping malls are open from 10-00 to 21-00, and, as a rule, without interruption.

— Fans of discounts note: the traditional discount time in Barcelona from early January to early March and in July-August. By the end of the sale season discounts can reach 70%. However, the range becomes poorer.

It should be noted that shopping in the middle of the outlet shopping is fun shopping with the experience. You need skill and acumen – at this time all shopping centers unhealthy excitement prevails.

How to plan shopping in Barcelona

I must say that Barcelona maintains its reputation and cares about the convenience of shoppers. In any kiosk with the press you can buy a special guide – “Guide to shopping in Barcelona”. He klassificeret key points of Barcelona alphabetically and by range.

Why you should start shopping in Barcelona? It depends on your goals and your approach to this process.

Shopping for the lazy

Large shopping malls – the salvation for those who don’t like to go shopping or for those who need to buy a lot of things and in a relatively short period of time. In such centres under one roof are many shops where you can buy everything from cars to safety pins. For example:

– El Corte Ingles, Placa Catalunya. This Mall is located in the heart of Barcelona, so that by you will not pass – it catches the eye immediately, as soon as you find yourself at Plaza Catalunya.

– The Maremagnum shopping centre. It is possible to find about 30 shops with clothes of known brands in the world. An important advantage of this Mall is that it is closed on Sundays. It is located in the centre of Barcelona, close to the old port.

— Glòries. Located in the Central part of the street Diagonal. Here you can find everything from food to jewelry. And yet there is plenty of entertainment, restaurants and special hobby-shop. Important advantage – own a fairly spacious free Parking.

For shopping, gourmet

If for you shopping is entertainment & leisure, Barcelona will please you with a huge number of small boutiques and shops. They can find clothing for every taste and avant-garde, and vintage, and brand.

Better just to savor the shopping in the old town – here is the famous BARCELONA SHOPPING LINE. It stretches for almost 5 km, with most of the boutiques located in the pedestrian zone, which makes the purchasing process very convenient.

Here you can buy goods from such famous brands as Versace, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Bally, Cartier, Uterqüe, Dutti, Zara, Mango and others.

If you appreciate first of all exclusive, you should visit Bourne. It is a Bohemian district of Barcelona. Here you can buy clothes a little-known Spanish fashion and the avant-garde and vintage fashion.

Turó Park is a district of luxury boutiques. Shopping here is not cheap. However, this is where you can purchase the products couturiers and designers at the highest level, for example, Dior.

Cheap and cheerful

The markets of Barcelona will be of interest primarily to those who prefer to buy edible Souvenirs.

To visit Barcelona and not visit the iconic La Boqueria market, just a sin. But Boqueria is not the only street market in this wonderful city.

For example, the new market of Santa Caterina is also sure to delight foodies. And unlike La Boqueria it is famous for its more inexpensive price tag.

Or perhaps San Antonio. He is known not only for food abundance, but also a huge Department with used books, and posters, magazines and photos.

Outlets – this is an option for those who are not ready to push for sales during the peak season, but wants to buy branded item at a discount or simply inexpensive cute little thing for the soul. Outlets sell things at a discount all year round. The word “outlet” means “warehouse”.

The majority of outlets in the suburbs. The most famous such outlet — La Roca Village. It is located 36 km from Barcelona and includes 100 boutiques of various brands.

Of course, this is a very superficial route of shopping in Barcelona — it provides fashionistas endless opportunities.