Shopping in Berlin – expertise

Austere Berlin somehow weakly associated with fashion shows, boutiques, women with burning eyes, full of colorful packages, and other attributes, inherent in any Mecca shopaholics. And yet for those who, as they say, in the subject, Berlin is at least as interesting from the point of view of shopping than Milan or Paris. And although shopping in Berlin costs a bit more expensive than the average for Europe, the competition for stylish and trendy things is not as hard.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about the features of this city, to take into account that it is desirable for every lover of shopping, and illuminate the most popular trade routes of Berlin.

Organizational issues

When planning shopping in Berlin, it should be borne in mind that on Sundays almost all shops are closed, so choose shopping the other day. As a rule, malls and shops in Berlin, working from 10-00 to 20-00. Some are closed at 19-00. And just for the Christmas holidays, the doors of commercial establishments hospitably open till 22-00.

Summer sales in Berlin begins on the last Monday of July, and winter – the last Monday of January. It lasts a magical time for two weeks.

However, as in Russia, in Berlin you can always run into some kind of a good offer or sale, which periodically arrange all the stores. So watch the signs.

Shopping in Berlin: the most popular routes

Berlin is able to please both fans of the brand and exclusive items, and flea markets. The main thing – to know and understand what you want to.

Shopping malls and shops

The two main shopping streets of Berlin – Kurfuerstendamm and Friedrichstrasse is. The first refers to West Berlin, second East.

You road on Kurfuerstendamm (abbreviated as Ku’damm), if you have time, the shopping list is impressive. On this street you can find shops for every taste and the variety of the offer. Here is the world-famous KaDeWe Department store with a century-long history, and one of the five largest Department stores in the world.

KaDeWe is the most famous, though not the only shopping centre of this street. So, on Tauentzienstrasse, which is adjacent to the Ku’damm, you can find shops more democratic price category (for example, H&M, Zara). There are also large Department stores KaDeWe type, which, because of its less popularity, offering many products at lower prices, and you can buy them, avoiding typical for KaDeWe crush.

For Example, Peek&Cloppenburg, Europa Center, Wertheim.

Friedrichstrasse is much less rich in shops and shopping centres than Kurfuerstendamm, but there is something to make money. For example, on this street you can find boutiques such expensive and famous brands, as Herm’es, Hugo Boss, Escada. But her main point – or rather, three points are Quartier 205, Quartier 206 and Quartier 207: this is the three nearby shopping center, where you can buy almost everything.

Markets Of Berlin

If you go to a shopping with a passion and ready for one interesting little things around the hundreds of stalls, you’re going to the flea markets.

Troedel – und Kunstmarkt – is the most ancient market of Berlin. However, this is expensive, because it is very popular. This market will be of interest primarily to collectors.

Berliner Kunst – und Nostalgiemarkt specializiruetsya themed Souvenirs associated with the former GDR. The price tag is too prickly, and a lot of fakes.

Hallentroedelmarkt Treptow is the largest market in the city. Here you can buy a lot of things – clothes, records, books, old appliances. It is situated in the former factory building.

I advise you to pay attention to Flohmarkt am Mauerpark – this market is the youngest in the city, and because he is still not invaded by tourists.

Specialized shopping areas

Go to Nikolausviertel, if you want to buy unusual and exclusive gifts, and at the same time and relax at the cosy restaurant and to drink a good German beer. Scheuenviertel – Jewish quarter – art lovers: it’s full of studios, galleries, theatres. However, the most famous art galleries are located on the Augustusstrasse.

In the suburbs of Berlin Marwitz is a Studio with Hedwig, Bollhagen where you can purchase original ceramics.

Well, the most popular Souvenirs designed for tourists, sold almost everywhere. The most typical of Berlin are the bears – a symbol of the city. You can buy them in any Mall.

Wooden toys – another symbol of Berlin. The easiest way to get them in Heidi’s Spielzeugladen on Kantstrasse, Spielen on Hufelandstrasse and Johanna Petzoldt shop on Sophienstrasse.

And of course not to mention the famous Berlin porcelain. It produces the Berlin Royal porcelain factory. And to buy his products in the hotel Kempinski, either in the shop, which is open at the factory.

This is only a superficial and very brief overview of shopping in Berlin. Tendencies of last years testify to the fact that very soon Berlin will take its rightful place among the recognized capitals of European fashion.