Simple nails 2018 for summer

Seeing unusual patterns on the nails of others, seems to carry them only to a professional. But it’s not. We are quite unable themselves to make simple drawings on the nails. There are several ways that will help you to create interesting designs on nails:


  • simple drawings using a needle
  • with the help of special varnishes for painting
  • simple drawings on the nails using Scotch tape
  • with a toothpick, pencil with eraser, etc.

Patterns on nails needle

To create a drawing using a needle, you will need 2 or 3 of lacquer of different colors. Better if they don’t merge.


Simple nails 2018 for summer


Simple drawings on the nails using a needle

As before any coating, it is necessary to apply protective lacquer to the nail was not damaged from exposure to lacquer and there are no scratches after use of the needle. It is necessary to give to dry the coating before starting work.

Things should work, so that the varnish did not have time to dry. On the nail applied base color, and on top put a few drops or lines of a different color.

Needle drops or strips are stretched in different directions to get interesting patterns. On top of the nail is covered with clear varnish.

Drawing varnish

Decided to draw a picture with special paints, it is necessary to prepare a simple colored lacquer, and a special drawing. One of the characteristics of such varnish thin brush for drawing lines, etc.

Preparing the nail to the coating, apply a simple varnish, which will be the basis of the drawing. It is important that the layer of varnish is well dried out, otherwise the picture will lose its shape.

And then with imagination and a special lacquer creates a pattern, which after drying is covered with a transparent varnish.

Simple drawings on the nails with tape

Drawing with tape is time consuming, but with a certain skill set is quite convenient. Two colors of lacquer, clear lacquer and a conventional tape — all that is required.

Working with duct tape is quite simple — Scotch pre-cut stencil, which will help you to create amazing designs and patterns.

After base coat, apply the main background of the picture. Only when Polish is completely dry, you can stick to his prepared stencil and apply a different color nail Polish.

The tape can be removed once the varnish dries. Top coating with clear varnish not only protects the picture and hides irregularities.

Nails with dots, a toothpick, etc.

Very nice nails with dots and drops. If so, you can use a special tool called dots. If there is none, do not worry.

Simple drawings on the nails using dots

For smaller points you can use floss, but for a larger pencil with an eraser on the end.

Connecting imagination, point you can turn and flowers, and animals, and figures. You can use two colors of paint and three. The picture may be placed around the nail or the free edge.

It turns out that in order to create original and simple drawings on the nails it is not necessary to have special education or tools. The main thing — patience and imagination.



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