Skin itching, what to do?

A person’s appearance — an indicator of health, especially for nails. Healthy nails with a natural pink tint suggests that people should not only their appearance, but also the state of the organism as a whole. In addition, well-groomed nails – a sure sign that a woman really appreciates its beauty.

Despite the seemingly simple principles on nail care, many women still face a number of problems. In the society of beautiful ladies is not rare to hear complaints about cracked, crumbling, if not, ill-growing nails.

Why is skin itching and what to do?

However, it is not necessary to beat your panic, if you’ve noticed your nails such troubles. All you can easily fix and restore a healthy appearance to your handles and again to make a beautiful manicure. Our article will try to do everything possible to help.

Now many troubles with the body are called a “disease of the 21st century.” And it is entirely deserved, because the way of human life with the advent of innovation has changed significantly, and hence malfunctions of the body.

And nails is no exception, because the smallest effects (harmful environment, poor diet and sleep, lack of vitamins) may be displayed in the first place, on their condition.

Before you begin to eliminate the problems of lamination nails, is to study in detail their way of life. This is necessary in order to find the root cause, because every phenomenon it exists, especially in the case of disorders of the body. Universal no reasons, and that is to approach each body individually. Maybe you are doing something that affects the condition of nails.

So let’s analyze all the possible causes of lamination of the nail:

1. One of the probable reasons can be a banal shortage of vitamin substances. In the first place is the iron, calcium, vitamins a, E and C. do Not forget that the human body just necessary vitamins for normal functioning. And therefore always try to consume the right amount of nutrients.

To do this simply: include in your diet some foods that you may have ignored until today. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products – all this is a real storehouse of vitamins.

In addition, the necessary amount of nutrients you can get through vitamin complexes, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. However, before purchasing be sure to consult with your doctor to not to fall for the fake.

2. In addition to internal reasons, can also be external — the constant micro-trauma of the nail plate. Surprisingly, they can be completely invisible at first glance. However, injuries marigolds can get, even for so innocuous a matter as printing on the keyboard.

In addition, in most cases, women do not neglect the possibility of using the nails as a “tool” (podkovyrnut something, to scrape, twist).

Try not to commit such actions, because they harm the structure of the nail more than anything else. In addition, get a keyboard with low-rise keys, so when pressing the nails are not injured.

3. The third possible cause is the chemicals that affects women’s hands throughout life. It would seem that any such chemicals? However, the answer lies on the surface: daily washing dishes, cleaning, washing, applying nail Polish…

On our nails constantly apply any kind of chemical liquids, powders, gels, and nail Polish and is constantly there for them, not to mention the means for his removal. So, the nails are in a constant state of stress.

During the occupation of chores, try best to protect their pens. Alternatively, make it a habit to use special protective gloves which protect the hands and nails from harmful effects of chemicals.

4. Improper care is the most common cause of splitting nails. In the first place – cutting the nails specially designed for this scissors and ordinary. In addition, women often make the mistake of beginning to rasp just steamed nails. It can cause enormous damage to the nails and restore them after such “care” is extremely difficult.

There is nothing to think, use only special nail scissors and better if they are to be used only by you. Give necessary shape to the nails just waiting for the complete drying.

5. This cause lamination of the nails so popular that it should be a separate paragraph. The use of metal nail files bad for the structure of the nail more than we can imagine.

Try to buy a more secure glass or plastic tools with a special coating. Such a tool is minimally injure the nail plate, and therefore the risk of stratification of nails will also tend to zero.

6. Finally, on the condition of nails can be affected as well medications, which, unfortunately, many must take for health. Even if you notice a deterioration of the condition of the nail after the administration of a medication, contact your doctor.

Maybe he will be able to pick up a few other treatments that will help to avoid side effects and do not hurt your beauty.

Treatment of splitting nails at home

Of course, as for any trouble for the nail bed supporting resources exist. In particular, our article will talk about the baths and masks for nails. Using them even in the preventive purposes, you have the opportunity to make the nails a true gift and amazing nail designs. In turn, they you will enjoy health and a strong structure.

Mask with olive oil

One of the most effective and affordable ways is to mask with olive oil. The fact that olive oil contains a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins to nourish the structure of the nail and fix it. To do this mask, it is sufficient only twice a week. The effect will not keep itself waiting.

In order to prepare it you need to mix the lemon juice with olive oil. Apply on the nail plate and surrounding skin in a thin layer and leave for several hours and it did – for the night. The mask had a greater effect, it is recommended to wear cotton gloves.

Wrap with alum

Also helps the lamination of the nail and compress: 35-40 gr. pure water, 5 gr. alum and a spoon of glycerin. It is important to thoroughly stir the mixture. Then soaked cotton pads and attach them to the nails, leave for at least 20 minutes.

Baths with sea salt from the bundle of nails

Despite the fact that this procedure should be carried out in a day, you will like it. Plus, she’s insanely simple to make. Simply in a liter of warm water dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt and this solution to hold the fingers for about 20 minutes.

The first effect will be noticeable within two weeks of application. After that it is recommended to give some respite to the hands and even after one month, the recovery course can be repeated.

These baths recommended also for prevention of stratification of nails. Just enough to take them 1-2 times a week. If you wish, you can add water a few drops of olive oil or lemon juice. This will significantly strengthen your nails.

Baths for nail with iodine

Baths with the addition of iodine are great strengthening remedy for weak nails. For example, a popular bath with iodine on the basis of celandine. For its preparation you will need:

  1. tincture of celandine
  2. a few drops of iodine
  3. a couple of tablespoons of sea salt

It is noteworthy that the water must be warm. It is important to ensure that all the elements have dissolved completely. The nails in such a bath, as a rule, keep for 15-20 minutes.

Wine tub when the bundle of nails

For cooking it is used in particular red wine, though white is also not excluded. This procedure is particularly useful for weak cracked nails. To prepare a bath will need some sea salt (1 tablespoon). To prepare the bath you need 200 gr. red wine to warm up to a temperature of about 40-50 degrees. To it add salt and carefully stir to fully dissolved.

The mixture will need to hold your fingers about 10-15 minutes. After that, be sure to rinse in warm water, wipe dry and apply a special cream.

Wine-vinegar bath

This procedure is suitable for those who have the problem of cracked nails are too obvious and get rid of it by other methods does not work. In cooking it is quite simple: mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil with 5 tablespoons of ordinary vinegar.

Then pour in a mixture of 100 grams of wine (preferably white). The resulting lower fingers for 15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse them in warm water, wipe and apply a specially selected cream.

Wine chamomile bath

Finally, one of the most popular treatments to improve the condition of nails is a tray on the basis of chamomile infusion and white wine. For its preparation you will need to brew dried chamomile flowers in 100 g. water (a Daisy can be purchased in any pharmacy, moreover, that the price available to everyone) and let stand 30 minutes.

Skin problem what to do

After in the infusion of chamomile pour 50 gr. white wine. The resulting mixture was lowered the fingers and hold for about 15 minutes. Then rinse, wipe and apply cream.

In addition, the world is full of beauty, and other means for the protection and recovery of the nail. So, there are plenty of special oils that need to be used every day, and to treat not only the nail plate but also the skin around it.

Iodine – the universal remedy. Applying it in a thin layer on the nail, you have the opportunity to significantly strengthen it. Yellow is not a problem, because it is phenomenally fast disappearing in the daylight.

  • When lamination nail manicure – not a taboo. Try to use only proven tools and not skimp on the health of their nails.
  • In addition, do not attach a pointed shape nails, it is better to prefer a rounded or rectangular shape.
  • Do not forget to do the bath from time to time.

So, using our small tips you will be able to always enjoy the beauty and health of your nails.


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