Small tweaks for the rapid growth of the nails

If you want your nails were long and beautiful, use some of the techniques for their rapid growth. If you will use all these rules, then soon your nails will surprise you with its beauty and its condition.

To do this:

1) nail biting

This habit is very common in people, and it doesn’t allow Your nails to grow, and it was because of her nails begin to stratify.

2) Use gloves

To clean the house and wash the dishes always need special gloves. Because the composition of detergents and cleaning products are chemical trace elements which can damage your nails.

3) to Keep contact with water

Often girls think the water can moisturize your nails, but all with accuracy Yes on the contrary, water nourishes nails while they are still weak.

4) Use a moisturizer

All the natural oils removed during hand washing. It’s all in the future can lead to dryness, brittleness and peeling nails. In this regard, it is recommended to wash it after each use hand cream.

5) Massage the cuticle

With the help of massage the blood starts rushing to the nails, the really contributing to their growth.

6) to Eat right

The condition of nails depends on your diet, for this reason it’s imperative that the foods you eat contain calcium, iron, milk, apples.

7) to Protect the nails

Not worth the nails to open letters, boxes, covers, phones, etc.. because Of this, the nails are exposed to stress and become weak.

8) Use the right nail file

Nail file with rough surface to destroy and damage the nail, so it is best to use a soft nail files with fine-grained surface.

9) Do strengthen and baths

Baths are in great demand among girls to strengthen nails. For example, baths with salt and iodine. Dilute 2 tablespoons of salt and 7 drops of iodine in 1 liter of water. Keep your hands in this solution for 10 minutes. You can also use lemon juice for your nails, just dip the hands in the flesh of this citrus fruit.

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