Spa treatments for hands and nails

Hands of a woman is her calling card, her passport. Don’t always have time to go to a Spa to trust your hands of professionals, and our “calling card” requires constant care. Your skin as soft as the skin of the face. However, it is impossible to list what we put our hands compared to the face.

Only a few women wear gloves while cleaning the house and washing dishes, the unit cared for hands every day and carefully. But the hands, unlike individuals, do not make younger with plastic surgery.

Unacceptable, barbaric attitude to our eternal toilers — arms! Arrange for our pens a Spa at home! How to make French here.

Let’s start with the most simple and necessary truths:

1. Always wear gloves in cold seasons. The skin on the hands, when cooled, lose its moisture, gets dry and flaky. The metabolic processes of the skin slow down.

2. Never wash hands with hot or very cold water. Let the water be warm. Even if there is a need for contrast baths, place them alternately with warm and cool water.

3. Do not RUB your hands when wiping: thoroughly and Pat dry with a towel. Don’t forget that your skin is also delicate and vulnerable.

4. Keep in the bathroom, on the nightstand, in her purse a tube of moisturizing hand cream.

5. And finally, again about the Laundry (there are still pieces of very delicate fabrics that cannot be trusted with the washing machine), cleaning the house, washing the dishes wear special rubber gloves.

Spa treatments for hands and nails

Now let’s talk about Spa treatments. To hands just rested, make them favorite baths.

Spa treatments with chamomile

Make an infusion of dried chamomile, lime blossom or sage. This thermos bottle put 3 tablespoons of chamomile and add hot water (not boiling water), close tightly and leave for one hour (can be longer). While engaged in household chores.

When I get free time and you sit down to relax, pour into a comfortable capacity of strained infusion, cool to lukewarm and soak your hands in it. 15 minutes is enough to make your skin softened. Then dry hands with a cloth or soft towel.

The same bath can be done with sage or lime color. You can, of course, to alternate infusions. And chamomile and sage and Linden blossom soothe and calm the skin. After Spa treatment apply to hands nourishing cream.

Spa with essential oils

If you absolutely have no time to make an infusion, buy in the drugstore essential oils of grapefruit, orange or tangerine. Warm water dilute 5-7 anything essential oil, juice of half a lemon and soak your hands for 10 minutes. Dry with a soft towel. After a bath hands can be lubricated with cream just before bedtime.

Bath with milk

In a glass of warm milk, add as much warm water, 2 tbsp olive oil. Put in the tub hands and hold for min. 10-15. The milk will soothe tired hands, and the oil will soften them.

If your pens need to gently cleanse, make it peel:

  • Put in an enamel bowl 2 tbsp of ground coffee, pour such a quantity of boiling water to make a thick paste. Grind 2 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid(aspirin) and mix this powder with coffee pulp. Apply to hands and gently massage for one minute (in no case do not RUB strongly). Then warm water, wash your hands.
  • Make sponge in a small amount of water the foam and add 2 tbsp. sugar, soda on a knife tip and 1st. a spoonful of vegetable oil. Massage your hands and rinse with warm water.
  • Perfectly whitens the hands of the pulp of tomato with sugar (you add nothing). Fresh tomatoes pass through a strainer or through a meat grinder, apply to hands and massage for 3-5 minutes.

To heal, soften, nourish the skin, make their masks:

  • Mix the starch and vegetable oil, heated in a water bath, to form a slurry. Apply on hands, wrap with a cloth and put cotton mittens. After an hour, remove the wrap, rinse with warm water and hand dry with a soft towel.
  • If hands are dry and even cracked, buy in pharmacy glycerol. Hand wash with warm water and wet hands, apply 1H. L. glycerol. Massage your hands for 5-7 minutes. If there are wounds, a little pinch, but there is nothing to worry. Therapeutic and soothing effect is stunning.

Spa-nail care

Now for Spa-nail care. Most often the ladies complain about the fragility and splitting of nails. Of course, the main thing is to fill in the gaps — correct diet, correct way of life, but now about how to directly influence the nails to become healthy and strong.

Most interesting is that because nails are porous, it is quite possible.

By the way, all Spa treatments that you do for the owner, a beneficial effect on nails. But most of all the nails respond well to sea salt and paraffin.

1. In warm water (0.5 litre) dissolve 1H. a spoon of sea salt and the same Xstrata algae. Dipped in this bath fingers and hold them for about 15 minutes. Then wipe with a soft cloth and not washing hands, for example, until the morning, when the bath was done before bedtime. The effects of salt and seaweed, you know, is greatly reduced.

2. Warm paraffin baths can be prepared only by purchasing prepared, for example, lavender paraffin. This paraffin wax with lavender oil is a low melting point. Hand dipped in hot wax and keep them for 7-10 minutes until the paraffin has cooled.

In fact, the wax just seems hot. and the hands and nails after such Spa treatments are surprisingly gentle and smooth.

3. In addition to the baths nails “I love you” massage. To fingers to apply essential oils, and the soft circular movements massage the nail and the finger pad.

Baths for nails should be done more often than for the hands.

SPA care for hands and nails at home

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