Spring style: romance and femininity

I heard a cheerful drops, beginning to warm sunshine, fun sagalobeli birds under the window. And thy heart was filled with joyful languor. It was winter?! Goodbye heavy coats, boring jackets and ski pants away in the closet until next winter! Spring is the time of renewal. We are all in anticipation of something pleasant, unexpected, inspiring – something such… in Short, do not know what. But to meet it is something head-on, you need to be properly prepared.

Today, the website Stylish is going to give you instructions on preparing for the spring and will tell you what is a spring style. In General, I’ll give you a start in the spring!


Which means spring style

It is not necessary that to wear spring style is only possible in the spring. With our changeable weather, sometimes in January, the rains, and in June, at least wear warm gloves. But if the soul spring and dressed the part, regardless of what you are trying to prove stubborn calendar. However our site still strongly recommends that you monitor the weatherin order to avoid colds.

Spring style is expressed first of all in colour. The spring palette of bright, varied and fresh. However, preference should be given to the natural flowers that are organically consistent with the General revival taking place in nature: yellow, blue, green, and white.

Colors should be not too rich but spring has not yet permeated all around, rich colors. However, boredom and monotony she does not recognize. Clothes should be gentle, but a variety of colors.

In the spring it is recommended to give preference to natural fabrics. Let yourself after you spent the entire winter wrapped in thick sweaters and scratchy scarves, to finally breathe freely.

Know that spring is unstable weather. So very often we need to carry with you and sunglasses, and umbrella. But it’s a great excuse to add style and glamour to your look with accessories. Umbrella cheerful colors, stylish set of gloves and scarf – all you can choose with taste, sense of beauty and creativity.

By the way, the rubber boots are the right hand woman during the early spring. Today you can buy even designer models of this Shoe. This garment is not associated with the Komsomol trips to the potatoes. Rubber boots do and in heels, and a variety of styles and colors.

Spring new season

Designers have worked on glory and greeted the new season prepared. What is recommended to wear this spring? Will reveal the main trends and recommendations fashion guru.

Dresses, dresses, dresses! Cheers, dresses while do not think to go out of fashion! Dresses of the spring season is inherent in romanticism.


Luisa Beccaria

It should be noted that the trend this season is floral prints – this applies not only to dresses.

Dolce & Gabbana

Daisies, lilies and orchids painted collection of the fashion designer.



Dress new season has a feminine silhouette. Popular models with frill at waist peplum. The waist can be accented with a belt.


Christian Dior

— Tunic. They are still at the height of fashion. Popular in this season enjoys long fitted model.



— MIDI skirts. Recommended in this season the length is below the knee. The most popular length is mid – calf.

Diane von Furstenberg

I must say that this is precisely the length of the skirt emphasizes the beauty of the female figure.

Burberry Prorsum

— Pant suits. Here the emphasis is placed on femininity. The jackets are more fitted than last season. Pants loose, flared.


— Lace. Whether dress, blouse or skirt, but you certainly should get at least one article of clothing made of lace.

Luisa Beccaria

Especially popular this spring will be to use colored lace.

Emilio Pucci

— Biker style. Biker jacket is back! Stylish jacket with zippers, spikes and studs back “in the saddle”.


And we have to wear it not only with similar in texture and decor, jeans, shorts and skirts, but also with romantic and colorful dresses.

Bottega Veneta

— Polka dots and stripes.


This uncomplicated coloration continues to inspire designers.


— A nautical theme. It finds expression in the abundance of ruches, flounces and frills, resembling a sea wave. Also relevant pictures on clothing depicting the inhabitants of the seabed.


— The combination of jackets with shorts – this extravagant option business style is extremely loved by the designers in this season.

Diane von Furstenberg

Shoes preferable lace up, thick heel and platform.


Brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry Prorsum, Balenciaga

— VINand the current spring season has decreased in size. But it became a long thin strap. It allows you to throw the purse over your shoulder so you can carry it without holding a hand.

Brands: Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton

So, we have outlined the main trends of spring style. However, there are universal rules, applicable to any spring season is femininity, romanticism, freshness and overall concept of updates and thirst for life, which invariably needs to be reflected in clothing.