Stamping to nails

Certainly, many have heard such a popular word in the world of nail Polish, as a “stamping nail”. But not everyone knows what it means and how to use it. So, stamping is a universal tool for quick and quality update manicure. Thanks to this simple device, you can’t every day to create on your nails new masterpieces! Tellingly, when using manicure will be to take the minimum of your time: only 10-15 minutes.

Another plus of this tool is ease of use. You no longer have to go to beauty salons and spend a lot of money, all the beauty you can create yourself right at home.


  • Features stamping
  • How to choose stamping nail
  • How to make a manicure with stamping
  • Manufacturers of kits
  • Stamping nail tutorial

What is the feature of stamping?

In today’s world, when every minute counts, girls choose the most comfortable ways to create a manicure. And, of course, many people are interested in the material side of this question.

Undoubtedly, make an ordinary manicure at home much cheaper than to go to the salon for the same service. And if we consider more complex variants, like nail art design? How to create complex patterns on your own? In this case, comes to the rescue and this tool.

Features and benefits:

  1. Gives the opportunity to work with fine details, guarantee precision and accuracy
  2. With the help of this device you can not only decorate nails, but also many other small items: postcards, jewelry, packaging, gadgets, etc.
  3. Gives you the ability to create patterns and figures on nails that you will never be able to repeat manually.
  4. Of course, the main feature is the simplicity and ease of use, this tool available even for beginners.

Sets for stamping: what is included in the

  1. Various stamps. Stamps are special rubber stamp. Used to transfer images from metal plates on a work surface.
  2. Metal plate. Usually done in the form of a circular disk, on which there are drawings. The disk is placed about 7-10 drawings carved on the surface. There are companies that produce kits for stamping, which include up to 100 plates.
  3. Small scraper designed for removing excess paint as you work. Typically, the scraper is made with plastic.
  4. Paint. Paint data structure more like the nail polishes, but they tend to have more thick consistency to ensure that the pattern did not spread.
  5. Binder. This substance is also reminiscent of varnish or topcoat. To use it you need to image longer preserved in its original form.

Of course, in specialized stores in a large variety are presented all the above items individually.

But if you decided on the kind of work, it is better to buy a set and then buy individual colors of paint or new stencils.

What you should pay attention to when buying stamping?

The first thing you should pay attention to when selecting a set is to what extent you are comfortable to work with this stamp. You just will not be able to work with tools that constantly slip out of hands.

The next point is the material from which the soft part of the stamp, the one which will be applied paint. Quality product this pillow is made of dense, but at the same time soft material that will not be too fast to absorb paint.

Stamps made from foam rubber, of course, will cost much cheaper and will last correspondingly long.

By the way, about quality. For starters, you can use relatively inexpensive paints, but when the technique is mastered and you go to serious work, it is better to pay attention to the lacquer manufacturers “Klencolor” or “Jordana”.

And last, when selecting a set, carefully inspect each item. Check its strength and also for marriage. Carved figures on the metal plate needs to be deep enough and not sharp to the contours of the image were not blurred.

The choice of nail paint for stamping

Paint for stamping is a substance, much like nail Polish, but having brighter colors and having a thicker structure, so that the drawings are firmly fixed on the surface and do not spread. It is due to these colors, the patterns made in this technique are especially vivid and clear.

In order to choose the appropriate paint, you must first determine the color scheme of a future manicure. Should consider not only the colors used in the pattern, but the main color covered the entire nail. For bright and brilliant patterns necessary to choose a dark Foundation and the opposite.

Step-by-step technique drawings on the nails with stamping nail

1. The first thing you need to prepare the surface of the nail, covering it in a transparent base layer of lacquer.

2. The metal plate with a cut-out image, a lacquer selected for the manicure. The paint is applied only to the picture that will be used in the future.

3. A plastic scraper should remove the excess paint acting on the surface of the stencil.

4. The next step will be putting the image from plate to stamp. For this you need to wet paint the stamp and press the stamp to the plate, making it a rolling movement.

5. Before you put the image on the nail, you should make sure that the picture is good and clearly transferred on the stamp. To do this, to do a test print on a sheet of paper.

6. If all previous steps were successful and the sheet turned out a quality print, then you can go to the design of the nail plates. There is nothing easier: you just need to press strongly the stamp to the nail repeat the rolling motion to lay on the convexity of the nail.

7. When all the patterns are finished, should be covered with drawings of fixing varnish and wait for complete drying of the nails.

8. To clear the plate with the drawings, a scraper and a stamp will use ordinary liquid nail Polish remover. It is important to ensure that it does not have oils that can cause the materials in disrepair.

9. It is best to repeat the cleansing procedure before each nail, but it is possible after the completion of the whole work, especially if you make prints quickly.

View the master class — the technique of drawing simple drawing

Manufacturers of kits for stamping

How profitable will use it depends only from manufacturers that are represented in the contemporary market in a large variety. So, let’s look at some of them.

1. Firm “Konad”, a revolutionary look at the decor of nails.

The firm on the market of cosmetic products for nails is already quite a long time and during that time has established itself as a reliable and quality manufacturer.

Many girls and women choose this brand because Konad is constantly developing new types of products, in which you can do a manicure, care for nails and hands.

Konad was one of the first companies that decided to produce tools for stamping. It should be noted that both the stamping and the company was created in Korea, but very quickly became famous around the world.

Metal plate stencil from Konad company is the most convenient way to create drawings on the nails, and drawings from the manufacturer is very diverse and can satisfy any taste.

  • Stamping this company is very simple and easy to handle, cope with it even novice never fond of nail design.
  • Among the positive sides of the goods of the company Konad main is, of course, the quality. The company produces the only durable, high-quality tools, including in sets.
  • Metal stencils are so crisp and smooth that the images produced without any defects.
  • Also the paint under any circumstances will not melt, and superimposed a thick layer, making drawings three-dimensional and very beautiful.

Stencils in the company of different sizes. This, of course, very convenient, because to newcomers it is difficult to immediately cope with the huge metal structure, and the small disk is just.

People who are professionally engaged in design of nails, definitely need more images so my customers have plenty to choose from.

Interesting is the fact that releases themed Konad plate stencils: for example, on any holiday, animals, plants and others.

The company also did not forget about the packaging of their products. Sets for stamping have a very beautiful, festive packaging. These kits not only pleasant to buy for yourself, but also perfectly suitable as a gift.

Among the shortcomings can be identified one, in our opinion, the most important. In order to work with the stencils of the company, the manufacturer recommends to use a special paint made of acrylic of the same brand. The price of these paints is very impressive and not everyone wants to spend money on them, but otherwise the figures may be not as clear as we would like.

2. Love the fancy design? Then you here! MoYou London

Company MoYou London is another leader in this market. Team of designers working with this manufacturer, regularly pleases the masters of nail art fresh exquisite designs.

The company as well as the previous one has a lot of advantages, thanks to which so many people know and love their products.

  • Stylish packaging. The product involving creativity cannot be packaged in a boring grey package.
  • Collection of stencils. Very large selection of presents from the company.
  • Elegance and style. Each pattern represented in the products of this company, developed with the assistance of experienced designers.
  • Scraper for surplus materials made in a special way that allows him not to damage the surface of the plate.

Of course, with so many advantages cannot fail to be drawbacks:

— The cost of the company’s products MoYou London significantly higher than those of other manufacturers.

— The company has no sets for stamping. Each item for nail art it is necessary to select and buy separately. For many, this is a significant disadvantage.

A very interesting innovation in the world of manicures is a newly developed machine for stamping. To create a unique nail design just insert into the hole disk with paint, and in another hole, insert nail and push the button. Such a device is simply amazing the speed of the work. Literally 5 minutes you will have a gorgeous manicure!

Why the stamping is so popular lately? Yes, because it quickly, efficiently and affordably!

Stamping nail tutorial