Stylish dresses for stylish girls: what to wear in 2019

Spring 2019 is in full swing. You can tell summer is on the nose. And even though our site is convinced that the season of dresses all year round, are forced to admit that women tend to dress up in them, when the street began to warm sunshine. At work, a party, a date, a friendly meeting, a walk — in dress you will always look relevant, feminine and attractive. The more stylish dresses 2019 are very diverse.

Street fashion 2019

Which dress should to acquire stylish girl this year

Little black dress. Still, you cannot deny the genius of Coco Chanel. Here already more than hundred years of little black dress do not comes from the fashion catwalks and is for designers an endless source of inspiration to create stylish images.

By the way, the successor of the legendary Coco Karl Lagerfeld also this year has turned once again to this eternal trend. He presented to the fashion critics bilayer little black dress out of light chiffon and thin silk, decorated with a relief print.

Red on black. Or black on red. This is a classic color combination, many designers seems to be the apotheosis of elegance and style. And looking like a parade on the catwalk models in dresses decorated with bright scarlet flowers or geometric prints, it’s hard to disagree.

By the way, monochrome dresses red are one of the key fashion trends. This season, many designers showed in their collections luxurious cocktail dresses red are made of guipure, silk and lace adorned with rhinestones.

Retro style. This year the leitmotif of retro style is the theme of the 60s and 70s. Therefore dress in the style of Twiggy are the hit of the season. Dresses trapeze silhouette with a high waist, very short, high-collared, sleeveless — a classic of the genre.


Skin. Leather this year sew just about anything. It is obvious that leather dresses are also included in the trend. Despite the diversity of models and solutions, dress-genuine black color remains the most popular option. In such a dress, not a sin even to appear!

Some couturier masterfully manage in a single model to combine the two hot trend of 2014 — the leather and lace: grace and tenderness of one material unobtrusively neutralize the aggressiveness and sexuality of the other.

Well, if the dress is made of 100% skin — it is too bold for you, I advise you to pay attention to models in which the skin is used as decorative inserts.

Dress-shirt. This style of dress always popular with women due to its versatility. It can fit in the classical, romantic, and sporty style, and in the military. This model perfectly disguises any figure flaws.

Exotic prints. This season is fashionable to decorate dresses drawings of tropical birds, Scorpions, crabs and other vermin. The prints are quite large and are applied on a bright background, so in such models you just provided everyone’s attention. Another very exotic, trend — paint dresses in psychedelic prints. And fashion house Dolce & Gabbana in General surprised everyone by presenting in their collection of models, decorated with scenes of ancient paintings.

Underwear style. Bold and sexy girls are advised to try on dresses with thin straps, decorated with lace in a-line bodice and hem, this slinky sheath body and looked more like lingerie than a dress.

Dresses preppy. Neat and cute plaid dresses look very comfortable and feminine. The preppy look is a hybrid business style and smart casual, so other parts of your ensemble must correspond to it.

Dresses with ruffles and ruches. This year, many couturiers pitching in to decorate their models to these elements, giving them sometimes the most bizarre. Some of these items look like a self-contained fragment of the ensemble, though structurally, is part of dresses.

As you can see, this year designers have prepared for us a lot of stylish, bold, unusual and interesting dresses — for every taste and for any occasion. It remains only to choose.