Strengthening nails at home

For any woman beautiful, well-groomed, strong, shiny nails are a source of pride. But to maintain nails like this — not an easy task, because there are a lot of factors, namely: poor nutrition, adverse environmental conditions, household chemicals, which do not contribute to our nails kept neat features. The varnish looks beautiful on the nail plates, but hurts them, as well as the means used for its removal.

Under the action of the above negative phenomena nails often lose their luster, begin to upset the mistress of a brittle, stratified. In this article, among others, will be discussed and what folk remedies can be applied to make nails stronger without visiting the salon.


  • How to care for nails at home
  • Useful treatments
  • Baths and masks for nails
  • How to strengthen nails — video

Preventive measures are of great importance in the field of nail care. Household activities — Laundry, cleaning the apartment, washing the dishes must be handled with gloves to minimize contact of the hands with chemistry, and pre-before putting on gloves, it is necessary to lubricate the skin cream.

It is useful to regularly consume vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iodine, vitamins. It is important to promptly and correctly to eat, the diet should include fish, cheese, cottage cheese, various vegetables, fruits, nuts.

Periodically, it is useful to refer to the action of the special tools — polishes, creams for nails and cuticles with your effect, to feed them with special oil. Best manicure ideas presented here.

To make the contours aesthetically pleasing, regularly need to use the tool for the cuticle, which is rubbed on the bottom edge of the nails, softening the cuticle, after which she extended a special stick, then deleted.

Next, you need to lubricate the nails with special hardening oil, which contains components such as panthenol, keratin, vitamin C and other useful items.

These components strengthen and improve their resistance to influence of external factors, make nails grow much faster. Cosmetic market today offer a variety of healing remedies, most popular among which are: Polish “Platinum Collection” gel “Smart Enamel”.

The procedure of “sealing” consists in layer-by-layer coating of the plate means, containing minerals, vitamins, helps to strengthen the nail plate as possible.

Nails are polished, the next step is rubbed firming cream, firming oil then. So they get the nutrients that persist for two weeks. The procedure should be repeated.

In this article we have decided to focus on strengthening folk remedies, massage and paraffin. An important factor in home nails performs properly done manicure.

If you want as long as possible to avoid brittle nails, you need to forget about metal nail files and use only those, which Teflon coating and in the elimination of the varnish needs to use means that does not contain acetone.

You should regularly let your nails a rest from nail Polish for several days. You can temporarily do not use nail polishes and apply the treatment options. That they receive the necessary power and had protection from chemical components, therapeutic varnish is applied in two layers. With breakage you need to use a special coating with calcium.

The procedure for strengthening nails at home

Paraffin treatment for hands

We now turn to a rather pleasant procedure — paraffin, which can be implemented in salons and independently. It strengthens your nails, your skin is hydrated and blood flow to the limbs becomes more active.

For this procedure, you want to buy cosmetic paraffin wax, cellophane bags (for protection), “thermobaric”. We must begin with the massage, which will be useful to the peeling. Then you can proceed directly to the procedure of paraffinotherapy.

It should be remembered that the paraffin should not be extremely high temperatures, otherwise cosmetic procedure can result in burns, it is necessary to check before applying, it is better on the wrists.

Then you can dip my hands in the lot several times to mid-forearm, waiting for the moment when the wax hardens a bit and will cease to drip. When it’s finished, hand packaged, and over – “thermobaric”.

After 15 minutes “thermobaric” should be removed, hands are massaged and released from the packages. After the procedure, you must use the cream.

Paraffin therapy is contraindicated to do in case of violation of the integrity of the skin, problems of blood clotting, if you have sensitive skin, if the skin lesions.

Massage nail

Massage is also an important and useful procedure. From similar manipulations nail plates become stronger, become smooth. Do massage with a brush that lather with soap for children, or smeared with glycerin.

It is necessary to massage the cuticle area, it is cleaned of dead cells, it prevents the emergence of unpleasant cracks. For best effect you can before the massage, take a bath, the main component of which is not perfumed salt.

How to make the tray: half a liter of water put a spoon of salt. Holding hands in the treatment liquid for about fifteen minutes, wiped off, covered with cream.

Baths and masks for nails at home

As mentioned above, the consolidation may not only through the passage of in-salon, at home also there are all possibilities for this. Folk recipes to these purposes exist in abundance.

Strengthening through the use of folk wisdom, popular among ladies, besides it is practical and inexpensive.

  • First, it can save time and money on a trip to the beauty salon, which is important for the family budget;
  • second, all the recipes talk about using products that are currently the hostess in the kitchen.

Trays – excellent reinforcement technique, also useful for the skin. Below are two recipes, simple and available for reproduction at home.

1) Wine bath. It requires a bit of heat two hundred grams of dry red wine, adding one teaspoon of salt. In a mixture of hands fifteen minutes after wipe them off and apply a nourishing cream.

2) Herbal bath. The procedure with such a bath implies the use of infusions of such herbs as chamomile or nettle.

The bath is prepared as follows: a couple tablespoons of sage or one teaspoon of any herb pour boiling water, then boil for five minutes, and if you are using celery, boil for about half an hour, then let the mixture cool. Then twenty minutes in warm water and they give up. Then, as already mentioned, wipe dry and RUB the cream.

You can also enlist the help of useful masks. For the duration of the masks require from the hostess to the nails almost the same time as the bath is from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Upon completion of the manipulation of the mask, the hands must also be covered with cream.

Below are several types of restorative masks.

1) Mask to strengthen nails with beeswax at home. Beeswax is heated on a water bath until not more than forty-two degrees Celsius. Then he lowered his fingers about fifteen minutes.

2) With olive oil. You need to mix three tablespoons of olive oil, few drops of lemon juice and three drops of iodine. In this mask fall nails for ten minutes, then they are washed with warm water.

3) Beer mask to strengthen nails. To prepare this mask, you will need 100 ml of beer, the same amount of vegetable oil and one spoon of lemon juice. To the resulting mixture discouraged for twenty minutes, then they do not need to wash, just wipe with a cloth.When the procedure is completed, you need to massage the cuticles, and hands is not recommended to soak several hours.

It is clear that there is a huge number of baths and masks, the above are only the simple, inexpensive, but very effective. It is important that for the application described popular recipes at home does not require large financial costs.

As you can see, quite a lot of desire and a little time on my own to keep nails healthy. Without healthy nails it is impossible to make a beautiful manicure, and the health of our nails in our own hands.

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