Strengthening the gel nails

Most girls dream of long manicured nails. But, if nothing is done, the dream will remain a dream. Nails can be brittle, fragile and can have surface roughness. The causes can be varied. Indispensable in this situation would be the strengthening of nails with gel. There are a lot of different tools for strengthening the nail plate, but they are less effective than applying the gel.

The causes of brittle nails

  • The external circumstances. The nails have a negative impact frequent contact with water, and with the earth. You cannot perform the work without gloves, especially if working with chemicals.
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals.

Internal problems need to be addressed with the help of special drugs and the nail plate will help strengthen the nail gel.

The advantages of strengthening of nails with gel:

  1. The gel will help to strengthen the nail plate, removes brittleness and contribute to the more rapid growth of the nail.
  2. If the gel is to take as the basis for applying the varnish, it will last much longer.
  3. The nail plate makes more smooth that allows you to make a perfect manicure.
  4. Using a gel will save your finances. Strengthening nail gel is cheaper than building.
  5. Not necessary to do manicure.
  6. Another advantage of using gel is that the woman didn’t need to radically change the wardrobe.

Technology use in the home

The procedure of coating is very similar to the process of building. You must first prepare the nail plate. To do this, it must first be degreased and then sanded with a nail file. Apply the gel in 2 layers.

After each layer it is necessary to wait a bit and then apply the next layer. A good helper can serve as a UV lamp. Then the finished nail must be sharpened in an ordinary nail file for manicure.

It is worth noting that the gel is applied fully on the nail. When the nail grows, it is necessary to perform correction.

Coating gel you can do yourself, but you need to clearly implement the plan of action. Otherwise, instead of the expected positive result may be the opposite. This activity can be useless and sometimes harmful.

Unlike the strengthening of the gel by increasing

• When building there is a modification of the nail, and when applying the gel – strengthen and stimulate growth. The main constituent of the gel is the protein, which by its chemical formula is very close to the formula of the nail. Because of this and no noticeable side effects for the nail plate.

• Gel Polish can help after extension.

Well restores nails at home special nail treatment. Strengthening nail Polish can be purchased at any store or pharmacy.

Fulfilling all rules, the application of this tool, you can achieve remarkable results. Medical coverage necessary for the growth of the nails and even visually they look healthy.

This type of varnish is not only suitable for manicure and pedicure. Application technique is the same. The only difference is that the toes are much less likely to attach some jewelry.

Restore nails with Biogel

It is the bio-gel was invented to restore the nail plate. It includes resin teak South African tree.

  1. This tool allowed to use even for pregnant women. It was at this time there is a need of calcium for two. Its deficiency affects the nails and hair. Biogel helps to improve nails.
  2. Stimulates the nail growth.
  3. Natural resin helps the skin to breathe, does not destroy the nail plate.
  4. Easily removed with nail. Does not damage the top layer of the nail plate.

If a woman seeks to grow his fingernails long to a particular celebration, then this kind of manicure would help her. The nails become smooth, stop to exfoliate and break. Even after the removal of Biogel nail plate remains tight.

Also do not worry about the insufficient number of colors. It can be bright, rich colors or delicate and elegant French. It will be perfect for going to a restaurant and every day. Fashionable this year to paint the second nail on the hand in some other color. You can also select two harmonizing with each other colors and to paint your nails using one.