Strong and healthy nails — how to grow

Modern women can not be imagined without a flawless manicure. To maintain the beauty of hands they spend a lot of time. Just trim the nails is the destiny of men. But the beautiful half of society wants to make your hands perfect, worthy of kisses men. So the girls resort to different tricks in order to flaunt a fashionable manicure.


  • How to grow healthy nails
  • Strong nails — achieving goals
  • Master class — how to grow strong nails

Healthy nails is the key to a successful manicure

For anybody not a secret that the main trick of the women — artificial nails (acrylic or gel). Many people cannot imagine their life without the artificial nails that do not require everyday care. Agree, it is comfort and beauty in one bottle.

But! Do not forget about the dangers of the nail plate. After such procedure as the nail, they will be in poor condition. It will take time to bring them to life. Is it worth the sacrifice, especially since the trend for 2016 – mainly natural nails of medium length. Everything is natural, because the fashion industry from the first days of the shows have focused on natural beauty. Everything should be natural to the fingertips!

Now boast healthy nails can not every girl. Many factors impact negatively on their healthy growth: lifestyle, environment, unhealthy diet, activity, heredity, etc. If you decide to engage in their health, that will have to be patient.

The day growth is not normal. Should be hard to monitor their health. On the Internet an incredible amount of information about how to care and how to grow long nails, you need to eat to strengthen them.

If you are not seen as reliable information, you should consult a doctor. Experts recommend in addition to taking pharmaceutical drugs to strengthen your nails with a popular and long-proven ways. Consider on both options.

Pharmacy remedies for healthy nails

For healthy and beautiful nails is important to keep the body set of vitamins that contribute to their recovery. In the drugstore you can find many preparations, which contain certain vitamins.

You just need to choose the ones that will improve their as — calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamins b, a, e. These vitamins are struggling with the stratification of the nail plate. And this, unfortunately, so important in the season autumn-winter.

If you don’t like, it is possible to extract the same vitamins from food. For this you need to include in the diet of dairy products, vegetables, fish, greens, seafood, eggs, nuts, legumes, mushrooms. A lot of problems, mainly is due to lack of vitamins in the body.

Folk remedies for strong and healthy nails

Nail care using folk remedies quite popular. It has long been established as a simple but effective method of healing the nail plates and the skin around it.

The only important remark is the following: such care should be systematic. From once you the desired result you will not see.

I suggest to get acquainted with the most popular folk remedies that improve the condition of nails.

  • Salt baths. Salt (1 tsp per Cup of water) it is better to take the sea, but if not, then take the usual. Add a few drops of lemon juice. It is very important to add the juice to a salt, and then pour hot water. So nutrients are absorbed better. To support 10-15 min Procedure is done 10 days. Then take a break.
  • The juice of a lemon. The recipe is very simple. You need to dip your nails in lemon pulp for 15 minutes.Repeat the procedure every day.
  • Red pepper. You need to take 1:1 red pepper and the cream. Add to this mix 0.5 tsp of water. The mixture was heated in a water bath and cover the nail for 20 min. then wipe with a cloth. Procedure to do 1 time a week.
  • Iodine. Should be applied on the nails before bed. This is important because by morning, the yellow has to go. This method strengthens, but should not be abused this, since the iodine is able to desiccate the nail plate. The procedure to do in a day and be sure to moisturize the nail plate with a special cream.
  • Oil (almond oil and tea tree oil). You can buy them at the drugstore and add a few drops to the mask for strengthening and growth.

Tips for nail care

In order to keep your nails healthy and permanently preserve the beauty, it is not enough to drink vitamins. You need to pay attention to the details.

  1. When choosing products for removing varnish you need to look at the composition. The acetone detrimental effect on the condition of the nail plate. It is better to buy the non-acetone with vitamin content.
  2. The varnish needs to choose wisely. Cheap tools will only provoke the appearance of yellow.
  3. Chores should be performed in gloves. Otherwise mechanical damage is guaranteed and cleaning products considerably violates the condition of the nail plate.
  4. Pamper yourself to a manicure at least once in two months. To do stay your nails. They need to breathe. A misconception that a permanent coating of varnish will provide growth and protection. Otherwise, they have to be yellow and lifeless.
  5. If you often varnish, then take the trouble to buy protective equipment, for example, firming fortified base coat.
  6. A very important condition for healthy nails – good nutrition.

Strong nails — achieving goals

Women’s hands are always open, are on view. So that the hands could be admired, you need to care for your skin, follow the beauty of nail art. In the winter, usually, skin lacks many of the vitamins, as well as the sun, i.e. vitamin D.

This leads to the fact that the nails become ugly, often “sick” (exfoliate, break). Their condition becomes unsatisfactory. But we live in the era of the 21st century, where a large number of effective means to protect the nails and to strengthen them. To elaborate on a few of them.

Application of bio gel is a special strengthening nail Polish. For use it is comparatively difficult. Most importantly, to have a UV lamp. The varnish you apply, protects against delamination, and washed Biogel easily. You will need a purpose-built solution.

Paraffin is a very useful procedure that will help you regain your nail health and beauty.

Strengthen nails at home

To do this, use folk remedies. They also, as products bought in the store, can strengthen the nail structure, preventing separation and breakage. While still enriching them with minerals.


In this product, which is in any house, contains an adequate supply of minerals. No wonder after a day at sea, the nails are stronger and look healthy. The simplest and easiest way to build — a bath of sea salt.

To prepare this bath, you need 2 tablespoons of sea salt to dilute it with 250 ml of warm water and dip fingers into the solution for ten or fifteen minutes. To strengthen the result, such a procedure we perform about three times a week for a month.

As salt has a drying effect, then after the bath be sure to apply to the skin nourishing cream and at night it is better to wear special gloves made of cotton. Through such elementary things, your skin will become soft.


Iodine can be used to strengthen the nail structure. It is necessary to apply the iodine on the cuticle. Of course, fingers immediately acquire a yellowish tint, but in the morning this will have no effect.

Due to iodine to strengthen nails and heal cracks and to deal with the bundle. Iodine can be used in baths, as well as to make various lotions and masks. But remember, Yoda aggressive chemical environment, so use this tool very carefully.

Oil for strong and healthy nails

Very effective oil. As a rule, to prepare the mask used jojoba, grapeseed oil, olive, almond. Essential oil very effective.

To whiten the nail use the bergamot and lemon oil. To strengthen and prevent deformation using rosemary, lavender. If the nails are very brittle, you can strengthen them with vitamins A and E. Tea tree is used in lesions of the nail fungus.


To make nails beautiful and healthy can special baths from herbs. Take one teaspoon of chamomile, rosemary, St. John’s wort and burdock root. Pour it all half a liter of boiling water. Cool water and dip the fingers for around 20 minutes. This procedure should be repeated for 2 weeks.


A mask made from lemon, help to regain the freshness. Take a lemon, cut it in two, dip your nails for fifteen minutes in it at half depth somewhere in the 1 well on the finger. This mask helps to slow down the growth of cuticles. After the procedure, don’t forget to wash your hands in cool water and anoint the cuticle with oil, nourishing cream.

To enrich the nail in calcium must be taken crushed shells, one teaspoon per day. The course length is 2 weeks.

Everything is in your hands. Therefore, they need not only to lower, but care for them.