Style 2019: main trends

Fashion the year 2019 has brought us many surprises. Although many trend designers brought with them from past seasons. But this year, designers took into account the interests and restrained lovers of classics and fans of bright colors, and extravagant personages, gentle and romantic natures, and many others.

So, what is it – style 2019? About it today and tell a Stylish little Thing.

Features style 2019

Greek motifs. Greek style consistently inspires legislators of the world fashion. Feminine, exquisite, but at the same time practical, he came to taste of millions of women the planet, and therefore, couturier is not in a hurry to abandon it. In 2019 designers continue to recommend tunics.

But the main leitmotif of the Greek theme was asymmetry. It is expressed primarily in dresses and blouses on one shoulder.

What could be more mysterious and erotic? These things look much more interesting than leaving no room for imagination mini or neckline.

Even hotter, even hotter! – cried the designers and returned to the Hawaiian style. Yes, palm trees, exotic birds and a riot of colors are back in fashion! So feel free to get the bins of Motherland things done in this funny, provocative and is the best suitable for summer style.

Eastern tradition. European man a sophisticated and mysterious culture of the East will captivate. And the fashion world have not passed this passion. Bright tunics, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous blouses, decorated with a pattern made with gold leaf, vivid blue, unbearable red on a background of soft pastel tones – that in 2013 offer us to try on the designers.

Charming retro. Well, what a fashion season without him? This year the emphasis is on polka dot print. And rightly so! After all, what other figure is equally suitable for young ladies and for ladies in age like skinny women, and persons with forms, for evening attire and for office style?

This year, every fan of adorable beans-you can choose your option like: they are presented in a variety of colors, there are both small and large, both frequent and rare.

Marine style. Dreaming of the sea and the sun allowed at any time of the year. This is the best contribute to the outfits in the strip. Monochrome and multi-colored, thick and thin, diagonal, horizontal, vertical – you can find it your option which will allow you to be in trend and at the same time, to emphasize their individuality. Black-and-white striped taxis that will certainly taste to lovers of the classics. Traditional blue-and-white sailor suit is also popular.

Animal aggression. It is expressed primarily in the interest of designers to the leather theme. If the spring fashionista dressed up in leather pants, jumpsuits and dresses in the summer, the focus shifted to the imitation leather. Thin shiny fabric, like a snake skin – that’s what’s in favor this summer, fashion designers. Welcome decoration in the form of sequins, rhinestones.

The military ruled. This affordable and comfortable style of clothing this year captured the minds and hearts of designers. However, despite the fact that the military is restraint, 2013 added variety and styles, and color combinations and decorative solutions.

Lace everywhere. In the literal sense. Lace has captivated the fashion catwalks. And we are very happy! What can look more feminine and romantic than a lace dress or skirt? However, this year designers have gone to lace outside the box. It can be found, in addition to traditional options, accessories, jumpsuits, bags and even shoes.

So, what can you say about 2019? First of all, it is multifaceted. No one was left without attention of the lords of the fashion world. Every woman can find something that fits her taste and lifestyle.