Styles of interior design — take your pick

Housing is a reflection of nature and the inner world of the owner. People, furnished his house, fills the space its own personality. And the house really was the fortress where you can come back after a hard day, where we rest for body and soul where you feel comfortable and safe, it should approach its design with all the responsibility.

Fortunately, today, there is any opportunity. And in order to make it easier for you to define your preferences, the website Stylish has prepared for you a brief overview of the major styles of interior design.

The most popular styles of interior design

Greek style

Those who appreciate the simplicity and naturalness in the interior, Greek style will appeal. This style combines the comfort and complete lack of pathos.

Usually in these areas kept the unity of the ensemble of the walls, ceiling and floor. Preferably, the staining them the same light paint – thanks to this simple reception in rooms in the Greek style is preserved the illusion of volume. Of the finishing materials used for creating such homes, the most popular are tile, textured plaster, sometimes of wood panel.

The most traditional colours – turquoise, aquamarine, citrine, i.e. colors close to natural shades. Allowed touches of bright red, black.

Greek style popular decoration in the form of a mosaic, and various geometric figures. As for the environment, the rattan, simple, a bit rough wood furniture with carved decoration or wrought iron inserts will fit into the interior in the Greek style.


Those who do not have enough rural flavor, we recommend you to pay attention to the style of Provence. Right to bear his concept, you’ll be able to at least mentally every day to bask in the bright Mediterranean sun. The room in the style of Provence this bright and cosy. The most traditional colors used for their design – the muted pastel colors: beige, white, pale blue, light pink, light green.

And in the style of Provence is an extremely popular technology to artificial aging: even the bright saturated shades give the same appearance as under the bright sun, they slightly burned.

Plastered, not decorated with anything or just white-washed walls, wooden floors, wide beams on the ceiling – all of these details move us in the atmosphere of the French countryside. Wooden furniture is simple and crude, and she, too, often give the effect of aging.

Classic style

For those who are especially important to be home safely and securely, we recommend the classics. Classic style is, above all, good taste, no pathos, combined with understated luxury and a high level of comfort. In the interior everything is left to chance. Lots of storage compartments, a good technical solution, functionality of the interior are all features of the classical style.

The color scheme on the conscience of the mistress, but the preferred noble shades: black, Bordeaux, dark green, etc jewelry very often used technology fusing, gilding on furniture, inlay, moldings, and other elegant elements.

The apartment is decorated in a classic style always looks expensive and important.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is for those who do not like to pile up your life with unnecessary details. In it everything is simple and functional. Space as free as possible. This is reflected not only in the fact that every millimeter thought out and intelligently applied.

The color of the interior in the Scandinavian style – use only light shades, a large number of artificial light sources, etc. – is designed to make this house seem more spacious.

Preference is given to the decoration of natural wood. Sometimes you can tile. The furniture is devoid of any frills: it is extremely simple and comfort. But the comfort of this room attached to cushions, curtains, bedspreads, towels and other textile products, made generally of flax or cotton.

The interior in Scandinavian style is particularly well suited for small apartments.


The high-tech style. Main finishing materials – glass, plastic, metal. The colors used for its design – cool and bright: silver, white – the traditional. Allowed bright contrasting details of black red.

Hi-tech is not too generous to the decorative elements: it will perfectly fit any modern picture of the artist or black-and-white photographs in a chromed frame.

Areas in the high-tech style, very spacious. But to some they seem quite inhospitable. However, you can add coziness by using, for example, the white fluffy carpet or a luxurious tablecloth.

We told you about some styles of interior designand. In fact, their great number, modern, Japanese, Oriental, marine, minimalism, etc. However, since we are talking about your home, no limits to your imagination.