t-shirt Dress 2018: and in the feast and in the world…

Sexy! This will likely be the first response to the question how to look a girl in men’s shirt. Will continue a number of the adjectives “cute”, “gentle”, “sensual”… the effect May be primarily inspired by the legendary Coco Chanel on the creation of a model that is known to the world under the name of “dress-shirt”.

Shirt dress: evolution and diversity

But Chanel would not be itself if allure was conceived as the only one. Suppose you agree with the designer of all times and peoples, and I think that the image of a real Woman is:

• grace

• elegance

• delicate taste

• refined simplicity

• clean lines

• naturalness, which is impossible without the feeling of comfort.

In this case, a dress that looks like a modified men’s shirt can become your faithful companion in any journey the roads of life. Of course, for almost 100 years, the style has undergone significant metamorphosis. Remained the idea, the design basis: loose or slightly fitted cut, but the number of buttons to chest, to waist or along the entire length.

Required attributes – placket, collar, cuffs – became optional, the requirements for colors and prints have lost the rigor and categorical classicism. This makes the model universal-diverse and allows modern lady to use it at their discretion. Business dress for the office, lightweight tunic for a summer vacation, original evening gown, feminine-dressy dress-shirt to meet your favourite…

In short, thank you Coco for so brilliantly and simply provided us the opportunity of choice!

In addition, this garment is wonderful in that it is incredibly loyal to the peculiarities of the female figure. If you perfection, let others admire you: unbuttoned buttons, a wide belt, the minimum length will allow it with ease.

But if you purely feminine picky to yourself? For example, dissatisfied with the waist? It is easy to do crummy where you want, slots for narrow belt. Problems in the abdomen and thighs completely flatten a soft and clean lines of the cut. Do not want to display feet – features MIDI and even Maxi. Décolleté if necessary disguises the zipper and it turns out very enticing and erotic. In the end — long live the beauty, comfort, confidence!

However, choosing such a dress, with all modern democratic fashion, you need to consider an indispensable condition: the quality of tailoring and fabric, which will perfectly keep the shape.

It is the level of performance will make it clear that you are not just a random shirt, and a well thought out and appropriate thing you put on. This to some extent and requires extremely urgent now the “preppy” style, a model for which the shape of the pupils of private elite educational institutions.

Its main symptom is perfection, neatness, elegance and extraordinary personality.

What to wear with a dress shirt

Here that-that, and the exclusivity of their appearance you can provide – and with the help of dress-shirt. Versions are endless! Here are just some of them.

• For a walk: dress length – from the knee and above. In the heat – sleeveless. Very good to be in this situation, a wide belt and flat sandals. Depending on the weather, the outfit is complemented with short shorts, leggings or jeans. The coolness is very appropriate vest, say, quilted. As a decoration – a chain with a small pendant.

• The journey: a cotton or a silk tunic of medium length, complete with hat, high-quality jewelry, expensive shoes – loafers or shoes. Allowed light pants.

• In the office: business dress shirt, with details in military style (or in cold season — fine wool), caught in the middle of the width of the belt. Plus strict small bag and classic pumps. Modest, original necklace/bracelet/earring will not allow the excessive impression of efficiency and will add femininity.

• The kit is called, “peer”: when selecting dressy for example silk fabric is very unusual and original will look dress-shirt latest trend Maxi length. All accessories are selected depending on the “genre” of the event and your mood. It can be delicate shoes or sandals with a heel to them – exquisite clutch bag. Refinement should be supported by the swaying long earrings, light narrow bracelets or chains.

At a Bohemian party would be appropriate accented by rudeness or negligence in the details: soft shoes, raw material for bags, big jewelry.

• By the way, because of its relevance it long dress may be convenient and appropriate in any context. One only has to pick the appropriate occasion fabric. So, shirt from chiffon floor-length will be simply irreplaceable in hot summer day. Buttons at the top and bottom will help when you need to adjust the height of cut and the depth of the neckline.

Beauty and functionality in one bottle – is not this at all times sought people? And isn’t that the main argument in favor of the forever young dress-shirt?

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