Advantages of short nails and care for them at home

Girls always care about their appearance. So you want to be perfect all the time. Choosing the right clothes, accessories, well-groomed skin, hair, nails. Because the appearance of the girl is her calling card. Many girls attach great importance to the manicure. Beautiful, well-kept manicure testifies that its owner takes care of himself.

Advantages of short nails

An overwhelming number of girls claim that the standard of beauty and sophistication are long nails. Therefore, the nail gel is in high demand. But it is worth considering how much harm this nail plates, and also require regular correction.

But short nails can look equally well if properly cared for. According to statistics, the vast majority of men and gives your choice neat short nails.

Short nails do not cause discomfort do not have to think about whether they will be in varying life situations, there will never be questions asked at school or at work. No need to worry whether you can afford to come with such a manicure, to choose their error-free version.

Holders of short manicure devoid of unnecessary emotions about the fact that they can break. You can do household chores, and not avoiding certain actions. The likelihood that they will stratify, or break off is reduced significantly. In the end, you can move past the need to put it in her purse manicure set, “just in case”.

Beautiful short nails

Nails need regular regular care. Take care of them at home without resorting to the services of the salons, is not so difficult. It is very important to protect them from the harmful effects and treat them with care.

It is important to choose the right form that will be suitable for you. To pick up a surefire option to consider first the shape and length of your fingers. The shape of the fingers in humans can be: oval, square, round and triangular.

Also pay attention to the shape of the cuticle, which also can be different: almond-shaped, oval, pointed or rounded.

An important factor is proper grooming of the nails. If her nails are done, you have to scratch the varnish for this purpose will be the best remedy, which does not contain in its composition acetone, as it negatively affects the health of nails.

After completed clean nails, hands should be washed carefully with soap and gently wipe. To simplify the task to the nails better respond to circumcision can make a special bath, which will soften them and they will be easier to give in to cutting.

For removing the nails is best suited nail clippers, they should also prepare – wipe with alcohol. For this purpose you can approach and tweezers. All tools must be sterile to avoid infection.

A haircut should be done very carefully, try not to cut yourself, because even a very small wound is likely to bring infections, which can lead to inflammation of the cuticle.

Haircut, first and foremost, must be safe, produced to maintain the beauty and health and not harm.

Cut nails should be not too short, during this process you need to follow the curve on the contours of the fingers, gradually cutting off small pieces to avoid negative consequences, such as delamination, damage, and penetration into the skin.

After I was done cutting, the next step is sawing. For these purposes, you should use a nail file. The filing will help give the nails the desired shape, which is not quite achieved in cutting.

Beautiful short acrylic nails pictures

Also when cutting in some places could remain uneven edges that can cause inconvenience to cling on clothes or other things. As a result, this can lead to the fact that they will start to exfoliate and break.

The right will cut smoothly, moving from the edge of the nail to the center. Again it is better to use the rough side of the nail file to sawing and finish soft, using it to smooth out.

The next step is the circumcision of the cuticle. The cuticle should be removed more carefully, so in any case avoid injury and not an infection. Before you start removing the cuticle hand, you need to prepare — thoroughly wash with soap and water, do bath.

Further, after the skin is sufficiently softened, it should be move with a metal blade, and peeled part carefully cut. After you should apply a nourishing cuticle oil. The final step is coating the nails with a protective product.

Beautiful design short nails