Aqueous nails

Just a few years ago there was a water manicure and conquered their uniqueness — because each nail has its own unique pattern, and draws their water. This manicure looks very original and is quite simple. Not to say that you will succeed immediately, but the fact that you can create at home on your own – that’s for sure.


  • How to make water manicure
  • Little tips and tricks
  • Manicure on the water photo gallery

How to make water manicure

We will need:

  1. A wide shallow dish with water 20-24 degrees (room temp)
  2. A set of coatings selected colors
  3. Cotton pads and sticks
  4. Toothpicks
  5. A rich cream for hands
  6. Scotch

Let’s step through how to make a black-and-white manicure on the water.

1. Apply your base coat. When it dries, the area around the nail apply the cream (so you can easily remove the excess paint) or seal with tape.

2. Place in a bowl with water and a drop of varnish of the chosen color. In our example, is lacquer black.

3. Wait until the first spread black spot and drip into the center with lacquer white color and then black again.

4. How many layers and what colors to make the pattern depends only on your imagination.

5. To make an arbitrary divorce toothpick in its sole discretion.

6. To lower the figure, the prepared nail and dip your finger into the water.

7. Gather a cotton swab, wrap around the nail and carefully remove the finger from the water.

8. Remove the remnants of varnish around the nail.

Follow steps No. 1 to 8 each nail.

Then cover the nails fixer.

How to make water manicure — master class

See how you can get a manicure on the water from the two fingers.

Manicure on the water — tips

Little tips and tricks that will help you to avoid mistakes.

  1. It is better to use the cheap paints, because they dry slower. First, it will reduce your cash expenses (Polish for this manicure really need much), and secondly, the main advantage of expensive coatings – quick drying only hurt you in creating the patterns on the water.
  2. Choose the right water tank. It should not be too wide or deep.
  3. The nail, a drop of which fell into the water first, will prevail in the manicure.
  4. The water should be used at room temperature or slightly warmer. In very hot water or cold Lak can simply curl up.
  5. When you create a drawing be sure to clean the toothpick before dipping it in the water. Do stains only the tip of a toothpick without dropping it more than 7 mm.
  6. If your lucky a bit dry and zagustel, it would be difficult to make water manicure. But it is easy to fix by adding a little lacquer thinner.

Let’s see how to make a beautiful rainbow design video.

Try again and again! The resulting exclusive and fashionable water manicure definitely worth the effort.

Water manicure photo