the art Nouveau Style in clothing – a new word in the history of fashion

It is unlikely someone is now doubt the fact that fashion is an art form. And it is quite natural that the fashion industry is developing synchronously with the other directions. The late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries – the epoch of cardinal changes in all spheres of life, and, of course, these changes are reflected in the clothes. Art Nouveau was replaced by eclecticism and became the embodiment of new trends and moods. He was not like any of the styles of preceding periods. Modern is a completely new word in art.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how evident the art Nouveau style in clothing: what are the major milestones of its formation and what are the most striking features inherent in it.

History of art Nouveau in clothes

The birthplace of art Nouveau – Europe. As for fashion, one of the first fashion designer who showed the world the clothes in modernist style, was a French fashion designer Paul Poiree. The impact of modernity on the creativity of the designer was due to his close friendship with various artists. Their paintings were produced to Poiree such a strong impression that he could not Express it in their own works.

So, with a light hand this couturier was born the direction of dress, which was named art nouveau (“art Nouveau”). In his work embodied the desire to radically revise the methods of work of the designer. Collection Poiree include and motifs of the East, and the echoes of ancient history and kimonos, and tunics. He managed to simultaneously combine the antique and the exotic.

Ideal, worshipped by the modernists – mother Nature. The designers sought to give the female silhouette resemblance to a butterfly or a flower. Lily, chrysanthemum and Orchid are the most common symbols of women’s clothing of the modern era. The main focus dress in the modern style did at the waist. S-shaped silhouette he was given due to a clear separation of the body into 2 parts: the attention to the top involved due to the overlap on the chest and the lower part was separated due to fluttering skirts.

However, before the First World war the modern style has made a concession, and a more comfortable shift dress, abandoned corsets, and gave him the direct cut, the gentle slinky figure. Not the last role in this process was played Isadora Duncan in 1903 she went to dress peplos, free, without a corset, made of light translucent fabric.

Modern style clothing – is not only the silhouette of the dress. Here’s the important part. First of all the decor. Dresses were decorated with paintings, appliqués, embroidery. The most popular area of the ornament – flowers, leaves, seaweed. Patterns were applied to the dress asymmetrically.

The fabrics used for sewing dresses in the art Nouveau style, decorated with beads and stones. And completed the image of a large round hats and big costume jewelry. This approach to design dresses and accessories the female silhouette turned into a set of geometric shapes, which, in fact, reflects the basic concept of the creations of artists-modernists.

The important role played shoes. It was suede, leather, silk, decorated with bows, buckles. Clothes in modernist style were completely all segments of the population, but that shoes were an indicator of belonging to a particular social circle.

Art Nouveau – modernity

The extravagance of art Nouveau and today excites the imagination of many designers and has a loyal following among them. Among them, for example, you can mention Prada, Christian Lacroix, Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen.

For a modern style art Nouveau characterized by renunciation in the correct forms and clear lines. His fans welcome naturalness, reflected in the curved, flowing contours.

To you be clear what constitutes modern style in modern fashion, we propose to consider it on the example of an extremely successful collection fall – winter 2010-2011 g from Anna Sui. Classic white blouse, a Flirty little dresses, delicate skirts are the main models of this collection. The American designer focused on floral ornament in the style of “art Nouveau”. The palette of the collection – the bright, contrasting with the background in black.

Another bright representative among the admirers of the art Nouveau style is Alexander McQueen. Or rather, was — in 2010, his life was tragically cut short, the fashion world has suffered an irreparable loss. “Bad news Brit”, as he called it during his lifetime, loved to decorate their bold prints associated with the skin of reptiles.

In General, all his work is permeated with motifs of art Nouveau.

As you know, fashion is cyclical. Clothing in the modern style going through now, at the beginning of the XXI century, the new birth. Today it can be considered a trend of the big city. In this direction has everything to create a bright unique image and stand out from the gray mass and cut, and the original colors, and various accessories. This explains its relevance.

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