the art Nouveau Style in the interior – a practical art

For some, this style seems to be too campy, pretentious, and unnatural. Someone, on the contrary, considers it the benchmark of elegance and sophistication. But indifferent to it no. Art Nouveau left a bright trace in the history of art and still is one of the most popular, especially among the aesthetes, who prefer luxury.

About how exactly the modern style in the interior, will tell the website a Stylish little Thing in this article.

History of art Nouveau

The flowering of art Nouveau has at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries. Actually, it was called art Nouveau in Russia and the UK. In France it was dubbed “art Nouveau”. In the United States – style “Tiffany”. “Jugendstil” in Germany. The liberty style in Italy. However, regardless of terminology, remained the basic concept of this direction.

The modern style – is a fundamentally new word in the history of art. Created by the industrial revolution, it was based on absolutely different artistic techniques, rethinking, and gathering into itself all that was best before this is said and done in art.

The true Creator from the point of view of the art Nouveau style was to combine multiple functions, acting simultaneously as an artist, sculptor and decorator, and architect. Art and everyday life from the point of view of the modernists had to go hand in hand.

You have to understand that for its time the art Nouveau style were indeed very progressive. He rejected classical art and proclaimed the cult of the big city, going velocity, energy, and continuous development. It is therefore not surprising that he gained such high popularity and continues to haunt the imagination of contemporary designers. The ranks of fans of the art Nouveau style not thinning today.

Features an interior in art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau rejected the concept of direct proper lines in favor of asymmetry, curved shapes and curves. In contrast to the classics, he turns to nature as a source of inspiration. Hence the love of vegetative ornaments that can be encountered everywhere – on the ceiling, floor, furniture, walls.

The desire to combine the aesthetic and practical components in the atmosphere, the introduction of bold innovative design solutions attempts as free space – here are the main features of the interior in the art Nouveau style.


In the interior, executed in modern style, in the course of going any finishing materials – wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and fabric.

The walls of the interior are decorated with floral ornaments, which tends from the floor to the ceiling. They can be decorated with silk upholstery. The colors usually are not too predatory – not to have the feeling that you are in a wild jungle or dense forest.

The ceiling can be smooth or decorated with fine stucco, repeating the same floral pattern.

To design the room is often used stained glass window — he can decorate the walls and ceiling, making a single ensemble.


Floor trim classic floorboard. Or using drawings made by the artistic cutting of stone or granite, give it a resemblance to a flower meadow. The alternative may be the carpet with the corresponding pattern.

The kitchen floor is usually tiled.

With all the attention paid to the decoration, the room does not look overloaded with details. The secret is to keep the balance. For example, if the Wallpapers themselves are bright enough, the floor and ceiling to make with minimal decor. Or combine the entire work surface space in stylistically unified ensemble.


As for color, the modern style is characterized by restrained colors – hazelnut, coffee, ivory, milk. For interior in modern style is not peculiar to the use of contrasting color combinations.


The furniture should create a single ensemble with the room – it concerns colors and design.

In the atmosphere of the art Nouveau style dominates the principle of unity of functionality and decoration.

Everything in the interior is comfortable and practical: armchairs and chairs, dressers, wardrobes, cupboards. But the furniture is definitely embellished any artistic detail inset of frosted glass, ivory, enticing furniture, etc. is a Preference for curved lines and smooth, graceful forms.


The furniture does not overload the room – the principle of saving space. For this purpose the best way possible is the furniture-transformer, capable of performing multiple functions.

Furniture can be a few shades lighter than the overall finish of the room. It is also characteristic decoration of its stained glass Windows and carved with floral pattern.

Decorative elements

Natural theme can be traced throughout art Nouveau style surroundings: this applies to the pattern on the curtains, and ornaments on the vases and picture frames, and other stuff. Floral ornament is not the only variation on this theme. It is quite permissible to use images of different fantasy creatures – such as elves, mermaids, as well as representatives of the world of animals and birds.


Hall premises in the art Nouveau style can be ornate mirror as a man, framed in a massive frame.

In the living room are widely used mosaic, murals, painting. The room is in modern style must be properly lighted, so it is equipped with a large number of lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps. And be sure to have a large chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

The bedroom also decided to hang up various works of art. Everything, including the curtains, bedding and cushions should be made in a single color.

For interior in modern style perfect wrought-iron railings on the twisted stairs or on the balconyif we are not talking about a city apartment and a country cottage.

A brave decision in modern style – the use of stained glass as interior partitions. This is a typical example of a 2-in-1 – beauty and practicality in one piece.

To withstand the modern style in the interior is actually quite difficult. The fact that he does not tolerate the proximity of “defectors” from other directions – harmony ensemble instantly broken. If you took this case, it is possible that many of the details will have to be custom-made. However, if you manage to master this problem, guarantee that friends will come to your house on a trip to the Museum. This house will be the pride of its mistress.