the basics of the style in 40 years

Society is not too loyal perceives mistakes made 40-year-old woman in relation to her appearance. Because outright blunders and bad taste in this age cannot be attributed to youthful inexperience, no, sorry, senile. 40 years old woman beautiful Mature beauty, which is characterized by elegance, restraint, special charm.

Today website will tell you about what kind of style 40 years in the best way will be to emphasize all the charm of a woman belonging to this age category.

The main features of the style of women after 40 years

For starters, let’s talk about those things that don’t fit into the style of 40-year-old woman under any circumstances.

First of all, it is a frivolous clothes. Adult self-sufficient woman will not fall to doll dresses, t-shirts with Mickey mouse tights neon colors “a La the 90s” and leatherette bags with huge fake label.

Even if you have a model figure, it’s not good to show it with tiny skirts, cleavage-navel blouses and plunging necklines. This present yourself not in the most favorable light for you. No one will say: “What her beautiful Breasts/ ass/ legs/ belly!”. But many will speak unflattering about your moral character: “wow, she has a son went to the Institute, and then she kneed Shine!”.

Believe me, to show the world that you still OGO-go can be much more efficiently and without damage to your reputation.

Also, the concept of style 40 year old women are not included other paraphernalia of adolescence, for example, hair in two ponytails, bright pink lipstick, combined with the equally poisonous blue shadows, pendants in the form of dogs and cats, etc. Such details make a grown woman not youthful, and immature.


Now, what things will help you not only to create a positive social image, but will reveal all facets of your beauty.

Choosing clothes and accessories, always place your bet not on the quantity but on quality.

There are things where you can save, and there are those who are buying, it is impossible to lower the bar.

For example, you can afford a lot of blouses, tops, turtlenecks, t-shirts. And it is not necessary that your white shirt standing brand label, through which its value closer to the value of coats. But with the help of a large number of shoulder products you will be able to create the maximum number of sets of clothes.


Good quality items give no labels, no complicated design decision, not an abundance of decorative elements. The good stuff is first of all ideal cut, excellent fit, and comfort all these characteristics give your body. In addition, quality items usually universal.

Buying expensive jeans, or, say, a jacket, you vykladyvaya for them a round sum, be sure that they will serve you faithfully for more than one season and will help you out in many cases.

When choosing clothes, give preference to the classics. It is this stylistic direction gives the image of elegance, suitable for any figure and fits most situations. The concept of the classic style actually has quite a wide interpretation. So classic will not make you boring or impersonal.


Well, to add a “flavor”, making it a little more romantic/ playful/ feminine/ extravagant — will help accessories. The little things are very important when it comes to style. Learn to choose the jewelry. Do not overuse the jewelry. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is different. More handmade jewelry can cost more than jewelry. So choose only the jewelry is of good quality and use it sparingly.

The principle of moderation must be respected in relation to jewelry. Never hang on too much gold. First, it gives a Gypsy, secondly, gold has some magical ability to age if its too much.

Style is a complex concept. The style consists of clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories, hairstyles. And it all has to fit and age, and appearance, and situation. The style in 40 years should demonstrate to you first of all as a Mature, confident woman with a sense of dignity and being in a state of inner harmony. So down with shocking and long live moderation and good taste.

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