the Basis of the female wardrobe – tips for all age groups

A basic wardrobe is a canvas, which serves as the backdrop for artistic compositions – make up our ensembles. The more competently and efficiently the structure of the wardrobe is, the easier for us to generate sets, and the less time we spend standing in underwear in front of the closet and wringing her hands about the fact that once again have nothing to wear. It is logical that the concept of the wardrobe is folded in accordance with our way and style of life, occupation, and age, of course.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will talk to you about what should be a basic women’s wardrobe, depending on its belonging to the age category.


30 years – a great time! You’re young and beautiful, full of vitality, get rid of many “cockroaches” in the head. But you have to understand that some flaws in the image, which easily you get away with a 20, now will be perceived by public opinion in a completely different way.

Basic wardrobe women just thirty years must include the following things:

— Little black dress. The most important thing is to find a model that will sit well on the figure. No more functional things that would allow a woman look stylish, sexy and at the same time elegant.

— Classic jeans dark blue or black. Forget about jeans, loose at the hips. Jeans thirty-year women must be high or standard fit, straight, high-quality cut. This is the kind of thing where you should not skimp: buy jeans in retail stores.

— Pumps high heels – black and beige. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to flaunt high heels. The older we get, the lower becomes the heel is understandable from the point of view of physiology. So don’t miss your chance!


35th anniversary is an important milestone in a woman’s life. This age for many is a kind of apotheosis – and career development, and personal life, and the peak of her beauty and sexuality.

Mandatory attributes of the wardrobe of women 35 years of age are:

— Classic pants. Pick the model that suits your body type – slightly tapered, straight or slightly flared. Remember that arrows are strong visual trick that makes the legs longer and the figure in General is slimmer.

— Expensive and high-quality business suit. It is desirable that it include the skirt and trousers, which would go with the jacket.

— Office dress. And a few better. 35 it is necessary to focus on femininity. Get a sheath dress, classic black, simple dress fitted silhouette with a belt at the waist sand color, gray sundress – and based on them you can shape a lot of different sets.


Choosing clothes, 40-year-old woman needs to remember: it is without regret get rid of things that add extra weight and make your skin grey and dull. Be sure to get the following things:

— White blouse. Besides the fact that this thing has a high degree of variability, it refreshes the complexion.

— Pencil skirt. Preferably, in the traditional sense: length just below the knees, with an Empire waist. This garment will help to correct slightly floated figure.

— Classic fitted jacket with black, gray or brown. Better in the range. Jacket – irreplaceable thing at work and at social events and semi formal events.


Yes, in 45 Baba berry again! So dress appropriately! The main thing – do not overdo it. No need to artificially young. But to become a grandmother you early. And it is better to get the following things:

— Elegant dress-shirt with a length just below the knee with sleeves in three quarters. Pick one noble shade, for example, beige. Belt or waistband – a mandatory attribute: it can be used to make the figure clearer and more feminine silhouette.

— Turtleneck-noodles. With age in women primarily affect the neck area. Turtleneck can help hide the flaw.

— Elegant court shoes on a stable heel with a height of 3-5 cm is the height of the heel anatomically correct recognized by most doctors.


In 50 years a woman can and should look elegant. And to help you the following things:

Cardigan in soft, natural fibers. It can be combined with blouses, turtlenecks. This thing is relevant and at work, and on the walk, and away, and in the theater.

Simple shoes of soft leather, for example, ballet flats. They can even carry with you to always have the opportunity to rest the legs without losing the elegance of the image.

Pants classic cut from quality wool, well shaped, black, gray or brown.


We will not hide: in our country, this age for women is very difficult. No, you’re too early to go into retirement and deal with the seedlings! The longer you retain the social activity, the longer you stay young. And your wardrobe should speak for itself:

Elegant long tunic. It can be worn with jeans (Yes, in 55 years you can afford to wear jeans) and pants.

— Long sweater dress. Can also be worn with pants, jeans or thick tights combined with elegant boots.

— A huge shawl or stole. A very practical thing. Note: has nothing to do with grandma’s kerchief.


If you don’t plan to join neighbors who sit at the door and scolded the youth, enrich your wardrobe with the following things:

The skirt is A — line to mid-calf. Caviar is the part of the female body with a long-lasting youth.

Dress-coat. It is comfortable and elegant.

— Straight or fitted jacket.

At any age we have the opportunity to look stylish and elegant. The main thing – not the waving in her hand, and never forget that God made you a Woman.

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