the Brown color in clothes: reliability and nobility

It’s hard not to agree that using colors in which we dress up, you can control the mood – and not only his, but others as well. Choosing certain colors for your wardrobe, you send in the information space, which can act on the nerves, excite the imagination, or, on the contrary, to reassure her. A specific color can define you in the eyes of those with whom you communicate as a man frivolous or serious, cheerful or boring, emotional or restrained.

Today the site is a Stylish Thing you’ll know, what can you say about a man in brown clothes, and at the same time and how to combine brown with other colors to get the most delicious combination.

Brown in clothing from the point of view of psychologists

Brown – the color of the earth. It is associated with reliability, stability and naturalness.

The brown color is very “cozy”. So very often its various shades is used for interior decoration.

In clothes prefer brown people responsible, strong, active, characterized by rigid beliefs and formed attitudes.

Brown promotes emotional stabilization. So very often it is chosen by people seeking peace and psychological comfort. Sometimes a person unconsciously begins to dress in brown with prolonged stress associated with, for example, any unresolved problem or disease. Thus he expresses his need for security and relief from that burden.

Women who dream of a home or the most in life appreciate its presence, are often the lover of brown.

However, many believe this color is frankly boring and do not like to dress up. Perhaps by itself it is not too cheerful. However, it can be participants in very interesting combinations – and even very positive.

Whom and when it is brown

This color is not entirely universal. However, in the wardrobe of almost every person, there are a couple of basic things brown.

As practice shows, the preference for brown give Mature-aged women, not young girls. For brown it is necessary to “ripen”.

The brown color looks great in a business setting. However, psychologists recommend to “dilute” it with something – even if your company’s strict dress code. Itself is brown, especially dark shades, enhances the perception of you as a person overly serious and even severe.

If we talk about clothes, brown looks very good on wool suits and sweaters.

With it harmoniously combines wood and ceramic ornaments, jewelry, made in the ethnic style, or classic yellow gold.

Brown color in clothes is especially advantageous to highlight the beauty of the spring and autumn type of appearance. The best if you have hazel or green eyes, dark hair and olive skin tone. However, as already mentioned, shades of brown is the sea, if you wish, you can choose the option for any appearance.

How to combine brown color in clothes

Brown in combination with gray or white – a classic of the genre.

For these ensembles, you can use any shade of brown, so to be mistaken difficult.

It should be noted that this is a fairly restrained color combination that characterizes you as a person thoughtful and balanced decisions.


— Feel free to combine brown with delicate pastel shades such as pink, light yellow, cream.

Such color smooth little rude brown, and the ensemble looks quite organically.


— If you’re a fan of more saturated colors, you might like the tandem of brown with the color Aqua, purple or bright orange.

This combination of original, fine and positive.

– Diluting closet in red, we always make their way in a bit of expression. So don’t be afraid of the combination of a restrained and well-balanced brown with a bold and passionate red.

— Incredibly fresh and looks elegant combination of brown with turquoise. This ensemble describes you as a cheerful person, but to the extent reasonable.

— As mentioned, brown is a natural colour.

Therefore, the combination of brown and green looks just as harmoniously as the fresh grass of the earth.

This combination has a calming effect and is perceived unconsciously by the majority of people positively.


But to combine with brown, it would seem that black should win with extreme caution. These colors in one ensemble look too dark. If you want to combine them, then choose for this bright shades of brown – like coffee with milk.


Not a good idea – and the formation of the outfit exclusively of different shades of brown. This ensemble is difficult to make a complete – it will still require that it’s cut with something weird.


It’s hard not to agree that the brown color in clothing makes the whole image a piece of elegance and nobility. This is a sin not to use it. Choosing a brown you in any situation will look organic and elegant.

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