the Cuticle – trim or move

Let’s first define what is the cuticle. In simple words, it is the area of skin covering the nail at the base. Wondered if anyone what the task or mission of the cuticle? After all, in the human body is not done just so.

In fact, the cuticle performs a protective function. As this dead skin cells, they are growing on the nail, protect it from penetration of various bacteria and unwanted microorganisms to the base of the nail plate.

It should be noted that if the cuticle is not to care, it can be formed a large number of unnecessary burrs.

Generally cuticle can be received in several ways:

  1. do not pay attention to her
  2. to push the cuticles to the nail base
  3. permanently to cut it

The 1st method is usually used by those people whom nature has bestowed the beautiful nails and the cuticle they grow in such a way that does not turn into hangnails and always looks great.

And what about the rest? There are 2 main exit.

Cuticle – trim or shift?

1. To push the cuticle as it’s growth:

— take oil for nail care, which can soften the cuticle and simplify your work;

for the direct mechanical effects on the cuticle you can use a tool that is comfortable for you (orange stick, rubber stick or nail file, end);

— slide the raised cuticle near the base of the nail, do it lightly;

— check around the nails hangnails, if any, cut them;

— moisten the skin with cream or oil to your cuticles and nails became soft.

2. Cut the cuticle as it’s growth:

— first you have to steam the cuticle, so it softened and became malleable: it can be done using warm baths for nails, which adds a variety of oils, mousse, special tools for cuticles;

— move the cuticle to the base of the nail, as described above;

— it is very important what tool you will cut the cuticle. It can be nail scissors or tweezers, specially designed for this trimmer.

It is important to do this procedure carefully and do not rush, otherwise you can damage the skin around the base of the nail and carrying the infection. All about Manicure at home, please click here.

Of course, it’s best to do it with a trimmer, but most importantly, the edge he was very sharp, then the result will be perfect.

Burrs “fringe” after the manicure! How to avoid it?

View a very helpful video on how to choose the clippers.

Take care of your nails and hands, as at the first Dating a pay attention to them!

Cuticle photo

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