the Dress in the style of Natasha

Sooner or later in the life of every girl, girls, women, it appears …. No, no, I’m not talking about your fan-klutz, and his Majesty the dress. Someone starts to show off in it since infancy, someone knows all the delights of wearing it in adolescence, when I want desperately to be the “Queen of the yard” and in the course are all imaginable and unimaginable ways to attract the attention of the male population and from 10 to 60 years. Well, someone ripe for the breakthrough of a lifetime.

In General, everyone has their own love story with this garment. But one thing is clear – it is inevitable. After all, a concomitant of the fact that they carried: a lot of styles that help to present the figure in a favorable light and hide all the “unnecessary”, unusual sexy effect that produces a truly hot couple or lady plus this thing, fashion trends… not Even a single fashion season has not been without dresses.

Yes, changing textures, colors, models. But the idea lived, lives and will live. And this summer is no exception. As evening options are offered to everyone without exception to wear… dress in the style of Natasha.

About dresses in the style of Natasha Rostova in the pages of the website for women Stylish.

Dress Feed Growth, or do you learn from the thousands of

Perhaps you could find this outfit and other names: dress in the Greek style, Empire style. Patriots – the British called it in his own way — “Empire. Trendsetters – the French — dubbed outfit — dress of Josephine. It is considered the ancestor of this model.

Well, we also, you know, people are literate, well-read, fashion trends and advanced. Not unseemly to us, the Slavs, the foreign word “rip-off”. Sorry, waistcoat. Themselves have a rich imagination, sometimes even very much. About us worldwide legends go! And therefore, we refer to these styles simply and navicure – dresses in the style of Natasha Rostova.

This model is perhaps the most romantic and elegant of all that have ever existed. Judge for yourself: the Empire waistline, a shortened version of the bodice, flowing a – line style, light, almost weightless, airy fabric. Not a girl, and the epitome of elegance, femininity, sophistication, mystery.

It is in this dress was at the ball dressed literary character, in whose honor was named this dress Natasha Rostov.

I need you

Stylists unanimously say that the dress in the style of Natasha is shown to wear all representatives of the beautiful half. And all because this style is the rare case in which harmoniously looks a figure of any type.

Judge for yourself:

— a fragile girl of low growth due to the flowing effect of the dress will help visually “pull” silhouette.

— young lady, with delicious forms feature effectively serves all not intended for prying eyes “costs”, but in the best angle will give attractions in the form of a tempting breast.

If you do, don’t despair. Described the dress simply works wonders. Wearing it, you would be surprised to know that you bust is also present! And it is very even nothing! The admiring glances of the opposite sex and jealous “girlfriends” — will be a direct confirmation of that.

Variations on a theme

Styles of dresses in the style of Natasha – a real fair stylistic ideas. High-waisted or mid-rise, long sleeves, or lack thereof, bodycon skirt, or on the contrary the air and flying. Combination of variety of colors, textures, fabrics …

Infinite number of parts in the form of seductive lace, fine beading, original ribbons, brocade braid. Playing with these elements will help you to create unique, original, touching image. Poetomu exactly the same outfits, you simply will not find 😉

In short, ladies, want to reincarnate at some time in the “white, soft, fluffy”? Then dress in the style of Natasha Rostova — exactly what you need.

The descriptions of the men this girl they think is the most touching, sweet, gentle and at the same time…. sexy. No wonder they say that a woman’s power in her weakness.

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