the Essence of the power by the hour for weight loss

Any exotic diets based on eating certain foods, or imply a drastic reduction of calorie diet give a short-term result. Dropped pounds quickly come back, forcing us to re-experience the despair from the inability to say goodbye to them. In addition, usually they are accompanied by deterioration of health.

Stylish advises those who have already tried on all the popular diets, practise power by the clock for weight loss. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

The essence of the diet on the clock Dr. Alain Delabos

In fact, there are many different approaches to power by the hour to lose weight. One of the most popular and effective is the method of the French doctor Alain Delabos, which is also known as chronodiet.

Based on what the effectiveness of this system? Food in accordance with it structured to actively involve the internal resources of the body to get rid of extra pounds.

Our body is designed so that at various times all of his systems exhibit different levels of activity. The intensity of the production of certain enzymes also depends on the time of day. If you can fit the power system under the biorhythms of the body, the digestion process will occur more efficiently and without compromising the shape.

Fatty foods is best absorbed by the body in the period from 6 am to 9 am. Therefore, you should include in your Breakfast menu, such fat-containing products, such as cheese, ham, eggs, butter, etc. Keep in mind that foods with a high sugar content for Breakfast, categorically do not fit, because of the increase in blood sugar levels inevitably lead to the fact that you again pull the bed.

In the period from 12-00 to 14-00 is best to consume protein foods – protein is most actively absorbed at this time. It is recommended to eat fish, meat, poultry, combining it with vegetables containing starch such as beans, potatoes, rice. From sweet at lunchtime also should be abandoned.

The period from 16-00 to 17-00 perfect for an afternoon snack. Especially at this time I want sweet, because the body increases insulin levels. The snack schedule is recommended to build on the fruits, nuts, and dried fruits. You can eat some chocolate.

Plan on dinner, 18-00 – 19-00. At this time it is not necessary to give the body a heavy load. Easy protein foods and steamed or fresh vegetables is the perfect choice for this meal.

Special attention in this system, power is given to the size of the portions. In order to calculate the serving size for lunch, use the formula: height + 100 = weight of portion in grams. I.e. if your height is 160 cm, then you are entitled to a piece of fish weighing 260 g

To calculate the servings of the evening meal, it is recommended to use a different formula: height – 40 = portion weight in grams. I.e. with the growth of 160 cm you can eat for dinner a piece of fish or meat weighing 120 g.

As you can see, to stick to such a diet is not so difficult. Menu of this diet doesn’t include anything unusual, you will not have any significant limitations – only slightly self-organization.

The three-hour diet Jorge cruise

We’ll tell you about another option hourly supply – three-hour diet by Jorge cruise method. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that it lowers stress hormone – cortisol in the body. He’s the prankster responsible for the accumulation of cellulite in the most problematic female areas – the waist and abdomen.

Eating should be strictly every 3 hours. Thanks to this system, the power in the blood remains stable sugar levels and results in an increased metabolism.

The daily ration consists of 3 main meals and 3 snacks. You can eat anything you want. However, during the main meal need to adhere to a rule: half the plate (in this system to calculate the portion takes a standard plate with a diameter of 23 cm) should be filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter of a meal containing carbohydrates and one quarter protein-rich foods. Plus to all this splendor – 1 teaspoon of butter or oil. Most of the carbohydrates should eat in the morning and in the evening to lean proteins and vegetables. Prerequisite – drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

However, this rule applies to almost all of the diet: water is essential for effective detoxification and accelerating metabolism.

As you can see, both diets are quite gentle and is based on the biorhythms of our body. However, one should not forget that we each have our own individual reactions to certain products. So listen to your body and watch the sensations.

The presence of any diseases is a reason to consult a doctor before trying on any diet.