the Feminine style

What is the feminine style? For most women, is torn between career, family, household and social stress, to change my pants for a skirt – this is a big concession in the direction of femininity. What to do: the modern pace of life apply to women too many requirements, so the closet has to choose, for reasons of practice, and then beauty. However, if you feel that you need to change something to stop feeling like a workhorse, the website Stylish is telling you to start with clothes.

And in order to make it clearer to you which direction to move, we’ll tell you what is feminine style and how to approach him.

The main components to the feminine style

Actually, why this style is called feminine? Because feminine clothes you sure no one will confuse with a man. I.e. it is directed, first of all, then,to emphasize our differences from the opposite sex.

-Style. The main feature of feminine clothing emphasizing the silhouette. She did not have to be tight. No matter what way, but feminine clothing in others leaves no doubt in the presence of your chest, waist and hips. But one should not confuse femininity with defiant sexuality. A deep neckline or ultra-short mini and of themselves are not signs of femininity.

Remember, as the heroine Leah Akhedzhakova in the movie “Office romance”: “the woman should be a mystery!”. Style of clothing should leave room for imagination. Of course, ideally the feminine style skirts and dresses, however, this does not mean that the place the pants in the feminine wardrobe there. They just have to perform the same task – to declare to others that you’re not a gentleman.

— Color. Of course, the color scheme should be selected based on your individual physical type. However, try to choose pastel, soft palette. Pay attention to pink, coral, lilac colors. The task of coloring your clothes – to please the eye, attract the attention and awaken the joy in the hearts of others. Rather than blend in with the pavement like we used to wear.

Refuse from strict geometric coloring cells, strips, etc. Let your clothes be more frivolous drawings of flowers, butterflies, abstract streaks.

— Fabrics. Choosing fabric for your new feminine wardrobe, try to create a feeling of flight, lightness, airiness. Let it be silk, satin, chiffon, knit. Avoid coarse materials, and those that do not keep their shape. It is also important to contact fabrics that are equally suited to both men and women – after all, you just try to maximize the number of differences from the male.

– Details. Even if you are by nature very conservative, do not neglect the various “women’s stuff” in clothes. Because these decorative elements like lace, ruffles, valani, guipure insertion, etc. makes your outfit more festive. And use them in your image exclusively female prerogative. At least no self-respecting man will ever be able to go out in public in something like that without compromising their reputation.

Shoes. Feminine style necessarily imply high-heeled shoes. Not wedges, not on the platform, namely on the delicate hairpin. Of course, if you’re more accustomed to the shoes, you will not be easy to rebuild. But it’s worth it. Heels make us visually slimmer, give our gait grace and a touching fragility. In fact, the love of heels is a matter of habit. Is a little practice – and you’re not going to think of life without them, just like Victoria Beckham. The main thing – to choose a comfortable Shoe and stable model.

— What is hidden from the eyes of others. A real woman perfect in every way. It is not necessary to give myself in the details, arguing that all the same nobody will see or recognize him. Believe me, life is so unpredictable! So all your image must meet the highest standards. Only wear beautiful lingerie, which you would not be ashamed to undress. Always. Even if you undress not exactly plan. Carry a spare pair of stockings.

Don’t let yourself to wear holey tights, saying the shoes under the hole invisible. Feminine style is primarily the sensuality and sex appeal. And they are incompatible with the holey tights.

Accessories. They make the image complete and harmonious. Instead of large semi-sports bags over the shoulder to hang elbow a little bag or take under his arm a slim clutch. If you think you can not get through the day without all of those things with a drag, it may be wise to hold the bag in an audit? You probably will find hidden reserves. However, the practical bag can also be feminine. Use thin belts with a sleek buckle. Do not neglect the rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, but make a choice in favor of classic and elegance.

Let’s not argue: to dress up in feminine style in our hard times and our hectic lifestyle is not easy. But as said, the same Leah Akhedzhakova in the film, “You’re a woman – be patient”. And perhaps the change in your appearance will not wait and change in life.