the Jacket and jeans – casual fusion

More recently, to combine the jacket with jeans was like to wear sneakers with dress pants arrow – awkward, tasteless and funny. The jacket is traditionally considered a garment that is suitable exclusively for business style clothes. However today, fashion is becoming more democratic, there are various combinations of styles and colors. Now it is no surprise this kit, like a jacket and jeans.

The website Stylish is ready to give you a few tips on how to choose a jacket for jeans, so you could use this bold combination is correct.

Blazer + jeans = stylish mix

In General, the combination of jeans with a jacket can be attributed to a vivid example of the fusion style. In the fashion industry this style came from cooking: the cook mixed the ingredients of the various cuisines thereby achieve the distinctive, unique taste.

Then fusion has moved into the interior, and then to the clothes he got. Fusion is a eclectic directions, the combination of incongruous, radically differing styles.

It is difficult to say who was the discoverer of Union jeans and jacket. According to one version, it was the king of pop art Andy Warhol. Others attribute the merit of Giorgio Armani, who in their collections supposedly for the first time showed the world a set of jeans + jacket + t-shirt.

Today, it is not so important who was the author of this idea, the main thing – the idea was very successful, and sin not to use it. The combination of the jacket with jeans can be regarded as a concept in unisex format: it is worn by both men and women, and in the feast, and in the world, and good people, regardless of sphere of activity and age.

Blazer for jeans: how to choose

First of all, it is worth noting: the jeans and jackets are the basic things in the wardrobe, so you need to choose them carefully and it is advisable not to save.

Using various combinations of accessories, types of fabrics, styles and other clothing items in a pair of blazer+jeans, you can produce the most diverse impression and carry around the appropriate occasion and your mood information.

In fact, the number of possible variants this combination is simply amazing. Jackets, choosing to complete with jeans, can be made of classic office fabrics – wool, cashmere and non-traditional business style of materials like corduroy, tweed, suede, cotton, velvet, silk.

Styles close – fitting, wide, baggy, cropped, in the form of a tailcoat, sports. Jeans – flared, tapered-leg, classic straight, and even torn.

Under the jacket in accordance with the format of the event and selected a pair of blazer + jeans you can wear a blouse – type shirt, with frills, wrap top, shirt, turtleneck, sweater.

Similarly selected and shoes: pumps, heels, ballet flats, moccasins, high riding boots.

Blazer for jeans: ready ideas

To make your decision easier and help you navigate, we have prepared several ensembles for different occasions.

— wearing dark fitted jeans combined with a white blouse and a wool blazer men’s style, you fit perfectly into the rhythm of a great metropolis, dictating at the same time, his own rules. Strict informal top and bottom is business casual for creative professionals.

— free cashmere blend black jacket with blue jeans and a blouse Manchego type – great for conversations taking place not in the most formal setting, or if you have to work on Friday declared a free form clothes, but you don’t want to go beyond business style.

— set of white jacket with blue jeans is stylish, feminine and romantic. So you can go to a party, on a date or meeting in a cafe with friends.

short leather jacket with skinny jeans boldly, boldly, perhaps even defiantly. This youth kit is not suitable. Be careful when combining colors: bright with light, dark with dark. Avoid contrasts.

— another noteworthy combination is the jacket made of fabric with sequins and jeans. The jacket can be long, mid-thigh, and cropped. Boldly go in this form to the disco.

— velvet or silk jacket with jeans is dressy and festive. In this set you can go on secular reception or in theatre.

the combination of corduroy blazers with jeans refers, perhaps, to the neutral. Depending on how you want to place accents and where you are going, you can wear it with a turtleneck, shirt, t-shirt.

in the end, no one has repealed the combination of jeans with denim jackets. This is the most informal style. For business meetings definitely will not fit – even on Friday. But for recreation, shopping, walking around the city with friends – easily. Important rule: the jeans and the jacket should match the color and texture of the fabric.

In fact, despite the seeming permissiveness of this style, you will need skill and developed aesthetic perception, in order to properly combine things that belong to different areas. From a bold solution to the bad taste of one step. Universal recommendations here – alas! – no.

We can tell you just a few key principles:

Black jacket + blue jeans – yeah! Blue blazer + black jeans – no.

— Do not overdo it, combining different directions. For example, to wear jeans, a sports jacket and pumps is a bad idea since this kit is already mixed more 2 styles.

— Take into account characteristics of the body. If you have full hips – choose a long jacket, which will hide. Wide shoulders – take the blazers with the shoulder pads. Legs are not slim, forget about skinny jeans. And so on. This should be the starting point for kitting.

— Combine only suitable for each other tissue. For example, to combine silk and corduroy is a bad idea.

Hope you understood how to choose a jacket for jeans. In this case the main thing – your imagination and intuition. Experiment on health, try various options, but remember: if shocking is not your intention, observe the principle of moderation and accuracy.