the Kitchen in Scandinavian design: functionality + comfort

Let’s be honest: most of us live in small urban apartments, not in a huge personal apartment. The housing problem we are all spoiled and continues to spoil. But, nevertheless, each of us strives to make your home as comfortable and cozy despite its size. The kitchen Scandinavian style is a great solution for placing small area. In addition, it is beautiful, practical and always in fashion. Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you how to look like a kitchen, and you will be able to extract from our article those tips that are right for you.

The secret of the popularity of the kitchen in Scandinavian style

Why is this style so many fans? Why he does not lose relevance? What makes it so attractive?

Perhaps the main advantage of this style in the interior – proper use of space. And this is extremely important when it comes to food. After all, the kitchen for us carries out several functions. There is not only the process of cooking. The kitchen and welcomed. And on Sunday family Breakfast going. And for many modern women it is also a relaxation area, and sometimes – alas – the only place in the house for a while to be one. It is the rationality and reasonableness of each square millimeter of doing the kitchen in the Scandinavian style so popular.


There is another important factor: while the practicality of this interior, he does not lose naturalness and harmony. The use of natural materials, lots of light and adorable colors like give the kitchen an atmosphere of comfort and reliability.


The most traditional way of finishing walls in the kitchen, designed in a Scandinavian style – coloring the emulsion in a solid color. The Wallpaper in the kitchen is not very practical. Is that washable and also monotonous.


Recommended for floor-natural parquet or laminate. The traditional solution for floors in Scandinavian style – white-washed Board. Modern alternative to tiles, made in corresponding colours.

In General, for the finishing of this kitchen, it is important to maintain neutrality: it is not in itself an important decorative element, she will serve as a backdrop to create the illusion of light and space.


Kitchens in Scandinavian style welcome the use of gentle pale shades: white, light beige, ivory, warm milk, etc. However, it is recommended to place bright accents, but again- with the natural shades of turquoise, orange, green, etc.


First of all, everything in this kitchen is aimed at removing the feeling of clutter, congestion of the parts, accessories, etc

Kitchen furniture in Scandinavian style is restrained the right lines, neat shapes. She is entered in the space in such a way as to use every part, while maintaining a sense of freedom.

Traditional Scandinavian style furniture made from natural light wood. To emphasize its naturalness, its cover with a transparent or translucent varnish. The facades of such furniture are deaf or decorated with inlays of frosted glass. This furniture is functional, does not contain any frills – twisted legs, carved ornaments, and so forth, but at the same time it looks very harmonious.


However, the kitchen in the Scandinavian style does not look boring or austere. The coziness and warmth of it is due to the various napkins, tablecloths, curtains, cushions and padded chairs. In their selection remains faithful to natural materials used cotton, linen.

Colors such trinkets fit into the overall ensemble of the room. The colours are mostly monochrome, but it may be a cute simple picture: for example, polka dots, checks and floral design.


And of course, an indispensable attribute that is appropriate to the style of this kitchen are green plants. They are placed on window sills, shelves, hanging on the wall in pots. And on the table is a large ceramic vase with a bouquet of flowers. The abundance of greenery further accentuates the naturalness of the interior of this kitchen.


Special attention should be paid to lighting the kitchen in the Scandinavian style. As you probably noticed, the whole color scheme of this kitchen is directed to the room remained a feeling of well – lit as if the sun never leaves him even for a second. The Windows are equipped with light translucent curtains, so as not to miss a single ray of daylight.

If the window of your kitchen, small or goes to the dark side, we should pay special attention to artificial lighting. In this regard, especially relevant embedded small lamps which you can use to cover literally every corner of the room. Well, in the center of the ceiling very well, you can fit a large chandelier ball.

The kitchen Scandinavian style is a great solution for those who appreciates it and comfort.


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