the Kitchen in the Provence style

I guess if you ask women about what room in the house is most important, 95% said kitchen. This is logical because in the kitchen women are often forced to spend most of the time. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that we seek to equip this piece of our space as comfortable as possible for yourself. The kitchen should be organized and ergonomic, to meet our needs, and of course pleasing to the eye. After all, if the hostess uncomfortable with what surrounds her, it will invariably affect the quality of food prepared by her.

Today, our website wants to tell you what constitutes a kitchen in Provence style, so you can assess whether the style suits your tastes, and whether to try to re-create similar interior at home.

The spirit of Provence

Provence is a region in Southern France located on the Mediterranean coast. This style invariably evokes associations with the côte d’azur, the smell of sea salt and hot sand, blazing sun, turquoise sky, blossoming nature.

The very word Provence translated as province, so the style of Provence meets rural romance and special touch of the French countryside.

The interior in the spirit of Provence is especially loved by residents of cities, exhausted by the traffic, the hum of machines and the eternal smog enveloping concrete jungle. So you want to have your little oasis in the hustle and the eternal race of the big city. Simplicity and comfort – this is perhaps the most succinct characteristics of the style of Provence. But in the interior there is pure French sophistication.

Kitchen in Provence style: the interior in detail

This kitchen – bright and cheerful. It will be equally nice to sit alone with a glass of French wine, dreaming and making plans for the future, gather your girlfriends for tea and some delicious cake, or to arrange a Sunday brunch for the whole family, noisy and fun.

Most importantly – it is always pleasing to the eye and allows you to relax. And this is achieved through the following techniques.


The kitchen in the Provence style made in pastel, muted tones. The most traditional colour for the design of such facilities – olive, white, beige, pale blue, light green, lavender, pale orange. The colors should create the illusion that they faded in the bright Mediterranean sun – i.e. even bright colors should be aged.

Only in this way will ensure the desired effect. These colors are used for decoration and for furniture and accessories.


Not the last role in shaping the play of the interior floor, walls and ceiling. Their main task – to create the effect of rough finish rustic home. The traditional treatment option of wall – dealt with deliberate negligence plaster, through which sometimes Shine through walls. Another option – a trim Board, followed by color white. You can also place and gender.

Whitewashed walls, ceiling and floor perfectly match with the spirit of the French countryside, while you can just create the impression of raw boards. The ceiling is usually decorated with large wooden beams and painted them a shade darker than the rest of the ceiling and floor.

As for the walls, the modern technologies allow to roam our imagination. For example, instead of plaster you can use tiles imitating brick, natural stone or glazed brick. A more conservative option would be to Wallpaper with a subtle floral pattern.


Not the last role in the finishing of the kitchen in the Provence style play of Windows and doors.

Perfect in style this interior fits a large French window. But we understand that it’s for the lucky ones who own their own cottages, where you can do what you want in a city apartment this option, unfortunately, disappears. So you can install the modern window-glass, but be sure to choose the white frame and see that it was divided into many sections.

Nice that the door is also combined with the floor and walls. It also should ideally be made from solid wood, distressed and bleached.


As you can see, the kitchen interior in Provence style preferred natural materials, primarily wood. And furniture is also a concern. It is best if the furniture is wicker, wood or even mimic the texture of wood. Metal, chrome, glass items are highly undesirable. Exception – forged products: grille, candlesticks, chair legs or table will make the interior of a vintage touch.

The furniture is in Provence style has to be rough, but not bulky, uncouth. On the contrary, the whole appearance of the kitchen creates a feeling of lightness, it must be free to breathe.

Furniture should be combined with the overall finish of the kitchen, ie it should also whitewash or wear out.

An important element of kitchen design – a significant amount of open surfaces: large dining table with curved legs, shelves, cupboards, chests of drawers. Of course, open space for storage – not very practical, because in these items gathering dust and covered with soot, so modern furniture in the style of Provence often equipped with glass doors.


As in any other style of Provence is extremely important accents and details. Everything in the interior plays a role. First, of course, dishes. The concept of kitchen in Provence style suggests that the dishes on displayand not hiding in the cabinets, and thus plays a role of decoration. Plates are on open shelves, on the table or hanging on hooks attached to the wall. A large part of ceramic cookware. Widely used wicker accessories – such as a breadbox.


Table decorated with a tablecloth and topped by a vase with fresh flowers.

On the window curtains. If the wall is papered, it is desirable that the drawing of curtains to meet them.

Of course, it is very difficult to recreate the authentic kitchen interior in Provence style in a small city apartment, at the same time manage to fit in with modern appliances and other achievements of a civilization, making the life of Housewives easier and more joyful. However, the result is worth the effort. Can adopt only the basic concept and key details – are sure you won’t regret it.