the Makeup in the style of Chicago — application technique

America 30 years – such a controversial, dangerous, but at the same time attractive. This time, gangsters, rock beauties, free customs and prohibition, emancipation in the field of women’s wardrobe and luxury furs and jewelry. Of course, this difficult period has left the bright trace in the history of fashion. Now, many stylists, makeup artists and fashion designers find creative inspiration in the motifs of the gangster in America.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about the makeup in the style of Chicago as a crucial component of this image as a whole.


Make-up features in the style of Chicago

The main idea of the makeup style Chicago: it needs to turn you into a mysterious beauty, which combines both a delicate femininity and a certain tragedy.

The main characteristic of this makeup – pronounced eye compared to white faces. Lips are also highlighted. But the abundance of these very visible accents does not make the image vulgar or flashy.

The Foundation of this makeup – velvety soft skin. American women 30 years almost never used blush or used very bright shades. However, the color of the face should be perfectly smooth.

The next important detail is thin, like the strings, eyebrows, summed up bright with a pencil. Eyeliner color should harmonize with the color of the hair.

Eye makeup continues dark gray and black shadows that clearly outline the eyes, giving the expression of the tragic mask. The shade was only used matte, without a hint of Shine, and was applied almost to the eyebrows.

Mascara made the lashes long and fluffy.

And finally is crowned with a classic face-up in the style of Chicago’s famous lips “bow“, which are drawn with bright red or crimson lipstick.

Application technique

If you’re invited to a party in the style of Chicago or just want to try the makeup in the spirit of this time, you have to practice.

Today, however, the technique of this makeup adapted to modern realities. However, its main canons still must be followed if you want to create a credible image.

So, we present to you a step by step guide of applying makeup in the style of Chicago:

1. First, you must put on the face tone. Perhaps you will be tempted to whiten the face. However, it is desirable to choose the color of Foundation that suits your complexion, otherwise the face will look like glue.

2. The next step is powder. It is necessary to secure the tone and give the skin a matte finish. Powder applied with a brush, but not too thick, again to avoid the effect of artificiality. Be especially careful in the area around the eyes.

3. Gently bring the eyebrows. Will look best thin eyebrows, but in General, if they’re wide, they should not be plucked specially for the occasion. The eyebrow line spend over their real size.

4. Apply on the eyelids baseto shade is better kept. Now lower eyelid with a brush make up light matte shadows.

5. Black or brown pencil trace the inner corners of the eyes and a line along the eyelashes on the upper eyelid.

6. Now apply on the upper eyelid a layer of brown or grey shadows.

7. Next you need to gently smudge the shadow, making a smooth transition from the outer corners of the eyelid. External corners should remain much darker than the rest of the eyelid.

8. The following bar are very important. With dark grey or black eyeshadow, you must spend a bright line – on the upper border of the shadows and up to the bridge of the nose. Thus, it will be highlighted and the outer and inner corners of the eyes, and in the middle of the eyelids will be lighter.

The resulting line, pririsovyvat eyelids should be slightly angular, not smoothly rounded.

9. Lower eyelids also is preferably via the stroke of black or brown.

10. To give the look depth and mystery, can be applied on the eyelid – at its most bright part is a little purple eyeshadow.

11. Eyelashes should be thick and black. Therefore it is better to use special ink with no effect, or apply false lashes.

12. And finally, lips. Circle them gently with a pencil and apply lipstick with vivid colors – better in two layers.

13. The final touch: draw on the lip or on the cheek of the fly. Makeup in the style of Chicago is ready!