the Makeup white dress for different types of appearance

Despite the fact that the white color itself is neutral, a garment like a white dress is a bright item of clothing which will draw attention to you others, and therefore must be decorated in the best possible way. In particular, the makeup to the white dresses needs to be carefully considered. About his secrets and will tell you today the website Stylish.

Makeup for white dress for brunettes

Brunette is a bright type women. So white dress is the best to set off their natural beauty.

Making skin makeup, it is best to choose shades for the application of Foundation that best matches your natural skin color. You can choose the cream that is one shade darker than your natural shade.

Remember that the color of lipstick and blush should be in harmony. For their application it is better to choose warm shades of peach, coral, light brown. Completely abandon the blush is not necessary – the white dress makes you look pale.

It gives the lip color is the best solution.

Brunette doing makeup for a white dress, it is best to focus on the eyes. Don’t sweat the eyeliner to highlight the line of the eyelids. Very Flirty and playful look neat graceful hands.

Color eyeshadow should choose, focusing primarily on shade eyes, a white dress is loyal to almost any color.

So, brown-eyed brunettes in combination with a white dress recommended make eyes using shades of fuchsia, plum colored, and soft mint and juicy turquoise.

The owners of greenish eyes shown an emerald green color, brown-beige-Golden colors. Blue eyes accentuate the shades of gray, pearl, pastel blue shade. Can use blue eyeliner to make the look more expressive.

Applying makeup on eyes, follow the rule: on the inner corners of the eyes it is recommended to apply a brilliant pearl shade, and on the outside, on the contrary, the dark shadow tones. Thus, you will make your eyes bigger and brighter.

Makeup for white dress for blondes

Selecting a basis for make-up, blondes, on the contrary, should be a little to highlight the face by choosing Foundation 1 shade lighter than natural skin tone. But no more, otherwise your face will be too pale and will be reminded of the tragic mask.

For the same reason it is not recommended to lean on loose powder.

As a color solutions for lip makeup, blush and nail Polish, you should use a pale pink, peach, Golden color. Colorless pearlescent sheen is a universal solution which is suitable for fresh young girls and women of Mature years.

Gentle light makeup can be done through a combination of dark eyeliner and pearlescent white shadows. Beautiful graceful hands are welcome.

Fair-haired and fair-skinned ladies in everyday life makeup artists recommend using a gray or brown instead of black ink, because they look on it more naturally.

Eye makeup done in shades of beige and gold, also will look at the blond girl is very harmonious. However, keep in mind that too low-key make you bludnice.

To avoid this, use pearl cosmetics. A bit of glitter in makeup will make your image more vivid and interesting.

However, blondes you can also choose the makeup based on eye color. The color of fresh green, matte pink shade, not too dark shades of gray well-suited blondes and combined with a white dress.

As you can see, make up with white dress is very simple – it is enough to know only some of the subtleties.

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