the Mom jeans are a practical style for every day

Capricious fashion has made another round of their endless spiral. Skinny jeans and boyfriend, so loved by our compatriots, is still relevant. Today, however, increasingly socialites flaunt in jeans, whose style sends us back to the good old youth time series of the 90s, “Friends” or “Beverly hills”. We are talking about the so-called mom jeans.

What is the mom jeans

What are the characteristics of this style?

The key difference between mom jeans — high waist. Not the corset type, namely high — or rather, she is in the right place. I confess, the modern woman was badly poeticly from such solutions, preferring mostly jeans low waist or casually loose on the hips. The length of these trousers up to the ankle. Quite often they turn up.

They sit tight enough on the thighs, though not take.

Why that title? Ironically, it speaks of the absence of the deliberate sexuality, as if urging young mothers to modesty and restraint. However, don’t think these jeans will deprive your body of femininity and grace. If this were so, they would have no one wore.

Recommended for this model

In principle, such style jeans are quite versatile. But the designers not recommend to wear them appetizing pisechka. The fact that mom jeans artificially adds volume to the hips and buttocks. So if you consider these areas of problem, the better of a similar style to refuse.

As for the rest — this is for you! Due to the high rise pants will lengthen your legs and increase growth. In addition, you will certainly appreciate the practicality of this model: it is possible to sit down fearlessly, not fearing to show the world your Thong with rhinestones. And back in them does not freeze. So the relevance to young mothers such a model will not refuse.

What to wear with mom jeans

And yet, in order to look in mom jeans attractive and feminine, not like the mother hen, will have to comply with certain rules of style and think about your image. We offer you a choice of several bows, with which you will look stylish and sexy.

— A sports variant. mom jeans are perfectly combined with a cosy soft jumper. As shoes to this ensemble perfectly suited sneakers, sneakers or loafers — in General, something comfortable and sporty. Don’t get too focus on the sport concept image by using a backpack or bag with numerous pockets on a thick strap — let it be voluminous and practical, but feminine soft bags.

Can be part of the bow with some matching accessories — for example, massive hand clock or unusual decoration of wood or leather at the neck. In this dress you will be comfortable and walking with a kid on the Playground, in traveling on a tour, hike with friends in the autumn Park.

— A little bit of glamour. Jeans in this style look great with plain pumps with a heel and accentuate the delicate ankles. Safely dopolni their different models like the classic black and with bright decor — for example, leopard print or metallic accessories. And as the top suitable, for example, a jacket straight cut. This way is suitable for office jeans day. Wear under a jacket some Flirty t-shirt, if you are going out tonight to hang with my girlfriends at a cafe.


— A La the 90s. If you want to create an authentic retro-image-style 90s, the most suitable addition to mom jeans is a leather jacket. As footwear choose something brutal. Ideally, the rough boots with corrugated soles. Can use accessories made of metal. Don’t overdo it, otherwise it will completely transform into punk.

— Summer look. Just like other styles of jeans, the mom jeans look great with any shirts, t-shirts and tops. Therefore, in summer they will not prices. Dopolni ensemble ornaments of plastic, glass, polymer clay. If you want to look feminine, shoes high-heeled sandals and carry a cute clutch bag. If you need a more practical option, perfect shoes or sneakers. Well, compromise — ballet flats.

We are confident that you will find good use to style mom jeans in your closet and appreciate its practicality.