Monogram on the nail — beautiful and elegant

Today it became fashionable nail art decoration monograms. This classic method transforms an ordinary manicure into a unique masterpiece. Nails look very elegant and sophisticated look attracts the attention of others. The swirls on the surface of the plate give it charm and originality. Create beautiful monograms can be equated to the art of creating nail design.

The term “monogram” has always belonged to calligraphy. This font was created beautiful drawings, in which the intertwined initials of the owner. These masterpieces can be seen on the ancient porcelain, jewelry, embroideries and so on.

The monogram on the nails — beautiful nail art

Deeper meaning received the monogram in the design of nails. This pattern looks on the plate as the interweaving of a large number of curves and intricate scrollwork.

Quite often, with the help of monogram the original lace. Therefore, the technique of nail design is strongly reminiscent of the ways to create lace patterns.

The monogram on the nails looks so unusual that it can be used to create:

  • Beautiful patterns;
  • various ornaments;
  • all kinds of manicure, for example, holiday, wedding and so on.

The most popular types of monograms on nails

In combination with French manicure

Usually they decorate the side of the nail. The monogram is drawn on top of colorless nail Polish. It goes well with a French type manicure. The result is a very original drawing, bordering the nail only with a certain hand.

The volumetric monogram

This technique is often used when you want to decorate the artificial nails. This monogram unlike the French, delicate manicure, looks outrageous and creative. It completely covers the nail plate with its unique patterns and fine lace.


This version is much more original and spectacular than a monogram in the form of ordinary flourishes. In this technique, each nail has a unique pattern. And he never repeats the other nails. With the help of this technique possible to obtain artistic patterns on each individual nail.

The technology of drawing of the monogram on the nail is considered to be unique and original, as it enables the master to come up with their own style of drawing and to use a pre-designed scheme.

The scheme monogram on the nails

Special restrictions on the pattern does not exist. It is only important that it was accurate, precisely reproduced. Elegant curls should look smooth and uniform.

The subtle curls combined with rhinestones to create a unique design and original paintings.

The most popular methods of applying the monogram on the nail

Ways of drawing such a pattern on the nails very much. But, most often, in each method encountered recurring details:

  • Painted the monogram decorates the edge of the nail. This pattern looks very original and in harmony with the other nails.
  • The monogram is placed on top of coating. This technique requires that the pattern repeat on all fingers. To make it very difficult. It is better to use stamping nail having a ready-made pattern. Such a pattern of monogram beautifully decorate and gradient manicures.
  • The pattern is applied only on two nails.

Varieties of monogram

  • Lace monogram. You can use the ready-made stickers or to try their artistic abilities and paint the nail manually.
  • The monogram consists of the first letters of the name. If you look at the history, this kind of design can rightly be called a true monogram. But applying such a pattern requires rich imagination and skill. Because each letter must have the original form.
  • Very impressive looking monogram when they applied for a manicure “Cat’s eye”.

How to create a “monogram on the nails” by using different materials

Magic manicure with the monogram, you can create a variety of techniques. For example, curls can be applied ordinary and decorative lacquer, using an ordinary brush.

However, this method is difficult to perform yourself. The master is much better, because it has long handle and a large experience of creating of such a design.

The monogram on the nails with a brush

This method requires great care. You need to be able to dispense a quantity of the lacquer brush. Only then the pattern will look evenly and begin to spread.

Manicure with applied a gel varnish making it more durable. He shines in the rays of light and always stays fresh. Of course, this procedure requires a lot of time. Because each layer must be dried by ultraviolet light. But the result is worth it!

Monogram painted on the nails with acrylic paints, impress all the fine work and variety of shades. According to professional manicure, it is the patterns painted with acrylic paints, attach the refinement of the painting. They offer opportunities to realize any fantasy.

Technology application “monogram on the nails”

Before you start to put a picture, you need to prepare the nails. They’re polished and pretty smooth. The pattern can be applied directly to the surface of the plate, or to cover it with a base lacquer of a certain color. Once dry, paint is applied to the planned figure.

Start to draw curls better with the side area of the nail, gradually moving to the center. The patterns you can make smooth lines with rounded or as an experiment to hold the wavy flowing lines.

Every detail of the picture you need to draw. After drying, apply next twirl. When the pattern is fully applied to the nail, it is fixed with clear varnish.

The monogram can be applied by using stencils. With their help, create almost any pattern or design. Cosmetics and beauty stores offer so many varieties of these stencils. If you wish, you can make yourself a stencil. You will need a flexible and very dense material.

To facilitate the work of drawing monograms will help the finished stickers. They are available with a huge palette of colors and a large variety of patterns. With their help it is possible to realize all the most fantastic nail designs. Purchased stickers are glued on a colored or transparent basis. For fixing use a topcoat.

Drawing will turn out bright and very neat, if you use the stamping. Plate helps you to apply beautiful manicure, original design. For example, to celebrate the new year it will be possible to draw a picture with the frost covering the entire surface of the nail plate.

Stamping nail

Apply the monogram using a needle. A so-called point technique. The pattern is applied to the lacquer base. Points are placed very precisely and accurately. This design looks more expressive.

Patterning must occur in compliance with a few mandatory rules:

  1. The monogram is drawn in only one color. The fact that it is applied very thin lines, so to highlight them in some color because it’s pointless. This will lead to the imbalance of the total composition.
  2. When is hand painted with lots of intersecting lines, it is necessary to wait for them to dry completely. Only then can you continue to apply the pattern.
  3. Causing image, you need to consider the combination of colors. For a gentle manicure suit quiet color. Bright and very distinct design looks good when the figure contrasts with the background.

Learn to draw monograms — video tutorial

Tips for beginners

  • To achieve expression of the figure, you have the basis of the monogram to make plain.
  • The pattern color must be contrast to the background of the picture.
  • White monogram looks great if the base is dark in color.
  • The transparent plate is better to decorate with black lines.
  • All monograms must be of the same color,
  • A complex pattern is enough to put one or two fingers.
  • Figure better to do the gel. Due to its thick consistency, lines will not spread. The pattern to be expressive and very clear.
  • Of particular value is the design when the pattern of the monogram is similar to each other on all fingers.
  • Work needs to be done very carefully and without haste. If you need to perform the intersection of the lines, before application of the next strip, wait until dry out previous bottom line.
  • For painting monograms, use a special very thin brush. The hairs must be very soft.

If you want to attract the attention of others, decorate your manicure with a monogram. Such nails are never left unattended, they look original and beautiful. The possessor of such a manicure is always in the spotlight!

Monogram on the nails with glitter video tutorial

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