Moon nails 2018 fall

This adorable moon manicure was very popular in the 20-30-ies and can be seen at many Hollywood stars. In 2007, through the models of Christian Dior, the moon manicure is back to us, and every year it becomes more and more popular.

Models called his Hollywood French, as it is very similar to inverted French. And its name “moon” this manicure is received not by Crescent, although it is very similar, and due to the fact that the main focus is on lunula is the name of the light base of the nail.


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One of the advantages of the lunar manicure is that it looks equally good on long and on short nails.

However, if on the long nails you can use bright colors on short nails, it is desirable to use light shades, because we all know that very dark colours will shorten the length of your nails.

The most popular moon manicure with Hollywood stars that, based on contrasting colors and shades.

One of the main rules of this manicure — line transition should be as clear as possible.

When you create a moon manicure is not necessary to select the hole of the nail in a different color, you can decorate a variety of ornaments, for example, rhinestones or sequins. All depends on the situation and events where you are going.

The moon manicure with rhinestones

How to combine different shades? Basically, there are two colors and they can choose in accordance with your way — it can be the colors of your accessories, formal dresses and etc.

Recently changed the shape of the Crescent moon — it can be curved in the other direction, both of these are current and fashionable.

The original moon manicure

Every fashionista finds its own flavor even in manicure, because the original — superior quality fashion. And the moon manicure is no exception. See how you can decorate the already boring the moon manicure.

How to make moon manicure

1. Make manicure, remove the cuticle and give the same shape nails.

2. Apply to the nails base coat.

3. Select the lucky two colors for future design. First apply the varnish, destined for the hole. Waiting for the paint to dry.

4. Tassel draw an arc where the ends of the hole. That the arc is smooth and beautiful, you need some skill and experience.

If you do not, you can use special stickers. Using them is very simple.

5. Cover the remaining part of the nail varnish of a different color.

6. After the varnish is dry, remove the stickers and apply a top coat.

Our lunar manicure is ready!

The moon manicure

The moon manicure video

Mirror-moon manicure video

Lunar manicure and pedicure polka dot

The moon manicure photo