the Most popular models of dresses for girls

To be a mother my daughter is actually very interesting. Maybe not all mothers admit it to myself, but to dress up your little Princess – a very exciting process! Boys dress – still not the same, unless of course you’re not going to purposefully raise him a metrosexual. But thanks to the daughters of our imagination is where carousing. Today the site Stylish present to your attention the most popular models of dresses for girls, and how to implement these ideas is to sew or buy in shop is depends on you.


To the girl with early years formed the aesthetic sense, you need to teach her what to dress up – this is normal and correct. Of course, modern mothers is not easy: on the one hand, I want to wear a beautiful daughter, with another – children are children, they quickly grow out of things, and get dirty, and tear them. But the selection in stores is so big that the eyes diverge.

It is important to strike a balance between practicality and beauty. Children need to provide clothes for walking and for holidays, and games. The girl should feel comfortable in your dress, but at the same time – no worse than others. However, once accustom a daughter to be exact. Teach her to follow things to understand their value, it grew sloppy.

So what kind of dress to choose for your little girl.

Fashion shows, model dresses for girls:

— Ball option. Even we are adult women believe in the fairy tale. Let your daughter feel like Cinderella at the ball. Dress with full skirt, crinoline and podobnymi will look spectacular, for example, on new year’s ball. Choose bright and festive colors – pale pink, pale lilac, sky blue or bright red. This dress is magnificent and solemn in itself, so it better be solid, so as not to overload the image. Alternatively – print the same color.

Princess dress can be made of guipure, silk, and velvet.

— Greek style. This style of dress can look not less solemn than ballroom, but it is more convenient. Dress has an Empire waist and a long straight hem, cascading almost to the floor. The fabric is light and flowing. The top of the dress can be Manchego type, or thin straps, or just with short sleeves, decorated with embroidery or decorated with beads or pearls.

— However, if the format of the event is not too formal, and your baby will run a lot and jump, it is better to choose the shorter version of the dress. It can also be quite elegant. For example, the lush line skirt just below the knee. Let the young ladies waist is tied with an ornate belt decorated with some large flower or a bow. In combination with sleeves has created an image a La the 50-ies.

— As for dresses with a high waist, they are very popular in the industry of children’s fashion. Going with him to visit or for a Sunday stroll at the summer city dress her in a cute Flirty dress with puff sleeves, decorated with ruffle. If the backrest of this model will be assembled in the house, nothing will cramp the movements of your young children. Choose juicy cheerful color for example yellow or orange. Would look great in the floral pattern. Dress should be made of natural materials.

Maritime style is always in fashion. Dresses of this model have simple uncomplicated fit and convenient clasps. They look like long shirts. Made of fine knit, they do not constrain movements and allow your little one to run on the beach, dig in the sandbox and play outdoor games. Let the image will be complete with symbolic colours: for example, stripes or pictures on the marine theme with seashells, seagulls, etc.

— By the way, the cold season is not a reason to abandon the dresses. Now very popular knitted sweater dress – they are topical for both adults and children’s fashion. They can be worn with leggings. Well, since it’s still a children’s version, a similar dress will look great drawings of an application representing, for example, the favorite cartoon character of your baby. To this the dress she will be treated with special awe.

Tunic is a very practical option. After all, it can be combined with tights, and with jeans and leggings, worn on a naked body or wear it under a turtleneck. Besides, it is very convenient. Depending on how to make it, it is possible to go on a holiday, and a walk, and turn it into a daily option.

It is also important to teach a girl from an early age to use the accessories. Each model dresses for girls you can find jewelry, a scarf, a hat and some nice detail that make the look your daughter is complete. Can play in a child’s craving to imitate in all adult. Because the daughter certainly loves to flaunt home with your bag. So let her have one of his own. And don’t forget to attach the daughter to the choice of their clothes – after all, she’s not Barbie, and she certainly has its own wishes regarding her wardrobe.


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