10 Rhinestones on the nails photo

Which girl without the gloss and glitter? And if it comes to the manicure, then the limit of imagination just can’t be! The main thing — neatness, color, texture, texture, uniqueness and extra items rare decor, you can choose safely swim that gave us the industry of beauty and style.

Recently gaining amazing pace manicure decorated with sparkling and shining “diamond” rhinestones. More photos of the manicure with rhinestones is presented here.

Just imagine how all ten of your fingers Shine, shimmering shades of greatness in the light of the sun or the flickering lights!

Without doubt, the unprecedented beauty draws the eyes and approval of others. The main thing — correctly to place accents and not too overdo it with the amount and an attempt to combine incongruous.

If the basis of your manicure — classic lines, pastel colour at the base of the nail, and French tip white or cream color, the rhinestone can be placed over the base of the nail trick on each of the fingers, or place them neatly on the same line as the tip of the nail.

It is absolutely not important, do you a line of nail or place the crystals directly on it.

The main rule when using crystals in conjunction with a French manicure – not to make too obvious contrast between the color of the nail and rhinestones.

Let it be natural pastel colors or shimmers in gold, silver, of course, your choice. Add a nail design can be a decoration of very fine pearls, and are better such delicate work to professionals, to nails looked luxurious and extremely gently.

Another innovation that had to taste all the world – “the moon manicure”, which is considered the twin brother of the “French manicure”. In this case, if you decide to rhinestones, to decorate your nail surface is best so that the rhinestones do not overlap the color “moon”, you can arrange them for the rest of the nail surface as a single layer.

The crystals should not be too large in size. You can do the opposite: curved moon to run rhinestones of any color, and the rest of the nail to make a colored or colorless coating, shiny varnish.

Another cute alternative to the oval moon at the base of the pyramid, which visually lengthens the nail, giving it a shaped edge.

Rhinestones on nails in the shape of a butterfly photos

What would you say about Royal diamonds? Believe me, they can also be worn on your finger tips. And this does not necessarily produce real rubies and sapphires.


The most common Swarovski crystals look outrageously rich when used in a manicure. One of the most noble variants is the use of crystals in drops, placing them in the center of the base of the nail with sharp part drops in the direction of growth.

From acute part of the “drops” can be stretched the lines of rhinestones in different directions to the edges of the nail plate. Thus, you get a pattern in a necklace, the center of which is a sparkling stone. In this composition you can use different color combination of rhinestones, nail the surface can also be any color.

Swarovski crystals are different from the usual that their brilliance more penetrating and pure, and therefore, to notice this beauty on your nails can be with longer distances.

Of course, the cost of such decoration significantly higher than that of conventional crystals used throughout.


What’s most interesting about nail designs using rhinestones can not be too overloaded with glitter. However, you should take into account the occasion to Shine in a similar way.

The Golden rule of restraint in clothes applies to nail Polish, the more Shine, the louder the reason. In daily life a moderate Shine on your nails will be your beautiful companion.

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