The Rules of daytime makeup

No wonder they say: “to look natural, you need to hold the mirror for at least two hours.” And this is not the limit. Of course, not every girl can afford so much time to do makeup every day. In fact, natural make, the main requirement of which is natural, requires special attention and knowledge of certain rules. And if to achieve this goal, the so-called fluorescent make-up will not take much time.

Day makeup is a gentle color, natural lips and soft lines. To create this make-up is not easy. However, the website Stylish Stuff will reveal all the details and rules of daytime makeup.


Play by the rules

Follow a few fairly simple but at the same time rather unexpected rules, and fifty percent of success in applying the daytime makeup you have in your pocket.

The first and most basic rule of natural make-up is: apply makeup only in daylight. Thus, you choose the right amount of makeup and will be able to make almost invisible.

The second rule is a mandatory cleansing and moisturizing of your skin, and then you can start creating the image.

The third rule is borrowed from theatrical make-up: light – increases and expands, dark Slims and narrows. Knowing this law, you can easily adjust the oval face, correcting the defects and emphasizing the dignity. For example, you can “shorten” a long nose or increase the cheekbones.

The fourth rule glacist: to feather the boundaries of the transition colors.

So, the main points we found out, it’s time to proceed to the makeup.

The creative base

It is important to choose concealer for your skin color and type. If you are purchasing fluctuate between different colors, take the one that is lighter, it will hide the fatigue and refresh the face. Apply the Foundation all over the face, don’t forget about the lips, eyelids and neck.

For redness and dark circles under the eyes use concealer.

The next step – powder. It is best to use a silky loose powder, it is not dense and the skin looks almost transparent, in addition, it establishes a beautiful Foundation. If you are using compact powder, make sure that the person was not over.

Blusher: sophisticated and flashy

When choosing a blush, remember that reddish tones are the owners of tanned skin, Bliznaci girls should opt for pink shades. Brown blush will suit dark skin, but the coral gamma goes to all without exception.

Like, observing the rules of daytime makeup, use a blush? Here’s a secret methodhow to determine where to apply blush: need to smile and apply blush to where the cheekbones or cheeks most are.

Charming eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and muddy it, the mirror can not be. Hence the conclusion – objective daytime makeup to refresh the eye, to give them depth and expression. Therefore, acquiring the shadows, never choose shades of the color of your eyes, so you will make them dimmer.

When choosing a mascara should not dwell on lengthening and volumizing lashes for daytime makeup is too gaudy. Same story with the contour of the eye: prefer pencil than an eyeliner.

Sweet lips

Remember the three pillars on which rests the day makeup: naturalness, transparency and lightness. To lips always look groomed before applying lipstick, use the tools that make them more resilient.

In lip makeup, try to keep color to a minimum, better to let the lipstick be in tone with your natural lip color, and even better give preference to a transparent gloss. Matte lipsticks are also welcome.

By the way, Madonna’s makeup artist often uses just a matte lipstick, this technique allows the makeup of the singer a few hours to look pristine and fresh.

And here’s a daily makeup is ready!

However, all is not so simple as it seems, in the process of applying day make-up every woman one way or another, will face difficulties. Over creams or smeared mascara can easily spoil the mood.

The six most common “if”:

— you have applied too much Foundation. Grab a sponge and use it on your face, apply a few drops of day cream, DAB it with a napkin and continue with makeup.

— Foundation is too dark. You again help day cream, before applying the base tone spread his cream.

— on the brow of the traces from the makeup. Moisten the eyebrow brush in the lotion and just brush her brows.

— crumbled shadows. Remove their thick brush.

— ink, Oh the horror, imprinted on the eyelid. Using cotton swab, wipe the mascara short stroke.

— on the face too much makeup. Come to the aid of loose powder, it will make it a paler.