20 Best french nails for summer 2018

All the charm of a French manicure, for which he prefer most women, lies in its naturalness, and, however extraordinary beauty of execution. Beauty itself is entirely dependent on smooth smile line is the border between the nail and its shaded region.

In the classic version of the smile line to its curve follows the hole at the base of the nails. But if the smile line can be very direct, pointed or perfectly-round – here already all depends on the preferences of the hostess.

Yes, and the color of the edge of the nail for a long time not white, more precisely, not only white: the last few years are not trends in the most amazing colors and textures.

However, back to smile line. How to draw it yourself?

How to draw a smile line independently

Way of drawing on different types of nails will vary.

1. If you have acrylic nails, you will need only a little acrylic powder until your desired color and brush. Place the powder in the middle of the line where you want to start your smile. Then, wielding a brush, coat the tip of your nail with powder, moving from the center to the edges of the nail.

When there are empty seats, you can start a correction: the opposite end of the brush remove irregularities, gradually reaching the symmetry of the smile. Do not forget that the brush must be dry. Do the same with the other nails. Voila!

2. For owners of gel nails is another method, but first you have to buy a special brush for French manicure. It is slightly beveled, which makes it easy to draw the desired curve.

Also you will need a thick white gel, if you want to get the classic French, but you can choose any gel color and texture if you are not afraid of bold decisions.

So, with a brush cover the tip of the nail from the center to the corners. Do not forget that the smile line should be flat and smooth. Most likely, one layer of gel will be enough.

3. Well, our own to decorate nails French manicure no more difficult than a gel. The only thing – before drawing, you need to make the classical or European manicure to your taste. This is necessary in order to make nails look neat and nice because this is the secret of their popularity.

After manicure the surface becomes smooth – this will help you color. Now on the shelves of cosmetic shops and showrooms there are a wide selection of paints in any color, texture, and wallet that are designed specifically to draw the finish line – this helps a special stiff brush, allowing to draw the elegant and clean lines.

As in the first two options, you put the brush to the desired level and paint over the nail from the center to the edges. Always make sure that the brush does not drip varnish, otherwise it smudges or it will look uneven and sloppy.

Well, for idlers who don’t want to draw the line the smile on their own, or very busy lady the perfect solution is adhesive strips on the nails, which can be given any color, shape and length.

Whichever option you choose, you should remember a few basic truths.

  • The line is always drawn on top of the base, but not on the bare nail. This is, firstly, to save the plate from delamination, and secondly, without a base line of a smile will turn out rough and lumpy.
  • Also don’t forget about proportions: long, new tip, occupying half the length of the nail is ugly and vulgar.

So, as the photo should not be!!! This is not the right French manicure!

Wrong smile line on the nails

And here is how it should be. And correct the smile line of the nail.

  • Follow all fingers: the length regrown the tip was the same on all nails.
  • Well before the manicure, of course, don’t forget to trim the nails with nail file.

After the tip of the nail will start to literally “smile” you will fix a smile a colourless varnish (after drying). Can add to the image pattern or rhinestones, and can leave and classics – the choice is yours!

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