the Style in 50 years: key features

Modern technologies allow us to cheat nature and to push myself as old age as far as possible. But on the technology of hope, and she did not make a mistake. Proper diet, regular exercise, self-care and positive Outlook play a much greater role in the preservation of female beauty. And knowing how to dress is one of the most important components of a wide range of factors influencing how the woman looks.

Today, our site will talk to you about what style of 50 years are most appropriate for women.

Style in 50 years: the main features

The style is very versatile characteristics. The style and folds of the clothes and makeup and hairstyles and accessories. When it comes to shaping the style, there are no small details. It is important to all.

Let’s first discuss what are the things and details can completely ruin the style of the 50-year-old woman.

First of all, it is not necessary to go to extremes. Don’t try to be young by dressing up in trendy and glamorous things for those who to 20. Yeah, you’re not 20, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be attractive and interesting. Similarly, it is not necessary to convince others that you left the ranks of the fair Sex, emphasized adhering to the style “unisex”.

“After fifty, nobody young. But I know fifty, which is more attractive than three-quarters of a poorly groomed young women” — said Coco Chanel. She, incidentally, had Affairs, being well over 50. So in 50 years beauty is first and foremost the result of your work.

So now about how to dress.

Things in the wardrobe 50 year old woman have to be a silhouette. Over the years, we have a tendency to gain weight. Not to emphasize your extra weight and make the shape more feminine, be sure to wear only those things, which mark the waist.

Clothing should be selected strictly on the size – don’t try to fit yourself in an attempt to hide the extra pounds, as well as hiding them under a huge shapeless outfits.

Minimizes in your wardrobe, clothes with a pattern. Plain clothing of dark shades will make the figure slimmer, and the image as a whole is more refined. Not visually break the body into two parts, combining the attire things, sharply contrasting color. Give preference monochrome combination of colors in clothing.

Sequins and delicate fabrics snakeskin is a very insidious things that can spoil a young body. Sequins tend to attract attention and emphasize any, even the smallest flaws. In addition, 50-year-old woman a brilliant clothing would look somewhat lightly.

Try to choose clothes from Matt, quite dense, well-shaped tissues.

Women are the most vulnerable parts of the body, where age leaves its imprint in the first place. It’s a decollete and hands.

So get blouses and dresses with a dull collaror masked area of the chest and neck with scarves or scarves.

Hand Stripping is permissible only for 1 quarter, since the upper part looks age most of us are not too attractive.

Of course, in mini-skirts you can’t flaunt. Maxi is feminine, elegant and practical. However, you are allowed to wear skirts just below the knee. If you have attractive feet, this style skirt will add to your grace and elegance.

Separately it is necessary to stay on the shoes. Varicose veins, protruding bones and other health problems of this area is just beginning to emerge at this age. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear a gross old-lady shoes with thick flat shoes or ugly geisha.

The main thing – to find your Shoe and buy shoes only from natural materials. And then a small elegant heel will benefit your legs.

Be cautious choosing accessories. Bright scarf, a bold thread of natural pearls, fine gold chain with a pendant, stylish belt – like strokes make the image a special charm and emphasize the individuality. But only on the condition that they are applied with skill and sense of proportion.

Style in 50 years is above all the elegance, Mature beauty, grooming and good taste. And don’t forget to follow the fashion. Go to the shows, flipping magazines, spoil yourself shopping don’t let yourself “fall out of the cage”. And remember: beauty is not a privilege of youth.