the Style in a rural idyll interior design: country

The popularity of country style in the interior has a logical explanation. We are all victims of urbanization. And, coming home after a hard day, we want to hide from the concrete jungle. Well, what can serve as the best refuge from the noise and smog of the big city than the dwelling, decorated in a simple, uncomplicated and close to nature?

It is in these canons decorated the interior in country style. More information on what is inherent in it, will tell you in this article, the website Stylish.

The features of the country style in the interior

Country style helps to recreate the flavor of the rural dwelling (which the name means in translation “the village”). However, the village is the village – different. We understand that French province and Russian village strongly differ from each other.

Thus, the country style is quite a broad concept. However, regardless of his nationality in common: an attraction to the quiet and simple rural life, a commitment to all natural, natural, attempt to recreate the atmosphere of “like a child”. Many of us warmly remember how, as children, went to visit grandparents and I’m trying these memories to realize that outfitting one’s home.

Country style often used in the design of country houses – now life in the cottages are fashionable and prestigious. However, it is appropriate and in the interior of a city apartment.


In the format of country style do not fit the modern materials used for the decoration of apartments – linoleum, suspended ceilings, blinds, plastic, glass, etc.

For the wall design in the country style the most traditional techniques such as wrapping them with Wallpaper is as simple and subtle pattern (floral ornament, small pea or a thin strip, etc.). Plastered walls – also a very popular option.

Suitable stone or brickwork, is not sealed and unprocessed. Or, you can sheathe the walls with wooden panels. All these materials are the most eco-friendly and natural.

A wooden floor fits perfectly in country style. Possible to finish the floor with ceramic tiles – plain or decorated with soft ornaments. An important role in making a floor play Mat and track: they will perfectly fit the interior of the Russian izba, and Ukrainian hut, and French farm-house, and a Mexican ranch.

As for the ceiling, it is better to use a simple whitewash. Perfectly complement the interior decorative wooden beams.


The colors in the style of the country are very diverse – indeed, in nature we find all shades. However, in General colours should be perceived organically and naturally, and to dominate those colors that best fit the format of the rural landscape.

Traditionally it is green, yellow, terracotta, brown, white, all shades of beige, blue, etc. And, as a rule, bright touches are the decorative elements, while the overall color scheme is executed in pastel colours.


Country style is complimented by the unobtrusive retro. This does not mean that for its design it is necessary to artificially age modern furniture. However, the situation of the country style is characterized by simplicity, plainness, and even some roughness. Simple bed without any twisted legs and backs, kitchen cupboards, rocking chairs, benches, chests, wooden open shelves – all of it perfectly fit into the interior in country style.

Modern solutions such as multifunctional transforming furniture with the concept of the rural idyll does not tally. As well as various fanciful details – a majestic four-poster, intricately carved patterns on the furniture, etc. the easier it will be crafted furniture, the more reliable will be the aged style.

Wicker furniture and wrought iron inserts – it is acceptable.


Textile – an important detail of interior in the country style. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, rugs and mats – all this plays a significant role in creating a rustic atmosphere. The fabric used for the decoration of the room, only natural – linen, cotton, etc. the Ornament of such items depends on the interior of which country you are trying to play. However, it is necessary to support the total concept: colors of the decorative elements should be in harmony with the pattern on the Wallpaper, the tiles that decorated the floor, etc.

In the country style can fit various decorations in the style of the handmade, whether self-sewed carpet on the floor, a quilt or decorative pillow.

Country style in the interior, though, and can’t stay away from progress, does not lose its relevance, very flexible changing under the influence of time and while remaining faithful to their basic concept. So oblivion is not threatened – this style will always have a lot of fans.