the Style is business casual: the new word in office fashion

The style is very broad and multifaceted concept. Speaking about style, we mean the unity of a few basic characteristics – both aesthetic and practical. Often difficult to draw a clear line between two different stylistic directions, they can overlap. It is only possible to allocate General and the most outstanding qualities that define the identity of the image to a particular style.

Today the site is a Stylish little Thing more to tell you about what characteristics distinguish the style business casual.

The main features of the style business casual

Style business casual you can also meet under the name smart casual – in principle, are one and the same.

His appearance in the world style business casual required features of a modern lifestyle. Today man wants to be everywhere and catch everything. And in this case – to feel comfortable, but look good.

In itself the phrase business casual sounds a bit contradictory. Business is “business”, “commercial activity”. Casual is “casual”, “casual”. Thus, the business casual style is a conglomeration of elements of the business classic look with a casual loose parts of clothing.

Style business casual today is officially recognized in many organizations. It allows employees to feel relaxed and comfortable in the workplace, however, observing a sense of proportion.

Some firms recognize the business casual only on Friday: their appearance staff mark the beginning of the weekend.

But those who have to communicate with people, serve customers, negotiate and interviews are worthless to look sloppy and loose. Jeansday does not imply that office workers have become the dockers.

What bands will match the style of business casual? Classic jeans in black or dark blue top or some bright blouse, jacket and pumps – this is typical of the way in the style business casual.

If you’re invited on a date, or you and your colleagues are going to celebrate at the nearest bar after a busy working week, you will be enough to remove the jacket, take a more bright makeup and to add to the ensemble some spectacular decoration.

Men style business casual free from ties. It is permissible to wear under a jacket, t-shirt or turtleneck. Also in the classical manner in the style to be worn over shirt slim cardigan with V-neck.

The image in the style of the business casual rule as underline the eroticism of the image, and exaggerated asexuality. He is equally contrary to mini-skirts and dresses with a deep neckline, and a huge shapeless sweaters and balahonistyh pants.

Comfort also does not imply carelessness. If you don’t wear to work business suit, this does not mean that you can come with tattered manicure or a torn button.

As for the shoes, then the most suitable options will be convenient pumps low heel, loafers, boots, flat shoes. Flip-flops, Slippers, too dressy sandals, rough shoes on repleni sole – it’s another story.

Choosing clothes for office, it is not necessary to show colleagues you have in your tattoo or piercing.

Jewelry and accessories should be concise and neat. Style business casual especially favor to the neck shawls and scarves. In General, the preference for functional accessories and not just decorative.

Choosing clothes in the style of business casual, guided primarily by the canons of good taste. Remember that too short outfit is always better than overdressed. And don’t forget that work is always work, and if you want to earn (or keep) a reputation for professional, matching her appearance.

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