the Style of Kim Kardashian

What can we expect from own destiny, having parameters 92-65-102, with the Scottish-Armenian-Dutch roots, amazing legs, curvy Breasts and 30 years old? It should be noted that the owner of this “set for success” is a lovely lady, known to the world with his business acumen, luck and extraordinary beauty. And if you add that beauty is named Kimberly (Kim) Noel Kardashian, it immediately becomes clear what kind of living a high-society party girl will be discussed.

So, the style Kim Kardashian on the website for women Stylish – begin “debriefing”.

Fame can come unexpectedly

In the biography of Kim there is an interesting and not just discussing piquant fact – her career in Hollywood has its beginning… in home porn. Yes, that’s right: Kim Kardashian is a recognized star of this memorable of the genre, and, according to some connoisseurs, equal her in this field there. However, this remarkable fact did not affect the current status of the girl – fashionable girl, a Queen social scene, and creatinase designer Kim Kardashian became famous around the world.

Whence came such fame (because of any compelling external data or an extraordinary life start) we can only guess, but a fact – a thing especially not argue, and it is in that style, Kim has become popular, popular and desirable for many hot female fans, (and fans) this young, but such a successful lady.


Did you expect Kim saw the shooting of their lovemaking on the Internet that it falls from the sky a resounding success? Unlikely. However, today the girl boasts your megacontracts, the main roles in Hollywood movies and their great demand as a model and designer (not only clothes, but jewelry).

In addition, Kim participated in the American version of the show “dancing with the stars” is co-directed and active frequenter own show “the Family the Kardashians” and even released a DVD.

It is called the successor of Victoria Beckham, however, unlike the strict and elegant VI style Kim Kardashian based on the extraordinary looks and simmering sensuality.

Kim style: casual chic, or chic daily?

What is so expensive for many, these have become inseparable from each other 3 words – Kim Kardashian style? What’s so special about the way to dress, apply makeup, and present yourself to others can offer this bright lady, at once reminiscent of the Dutch Tulip graceful and charming-sensual Orchid?


It’s pretty simple: Kim Kardashian prefers to look provocative, always and everywhere. And what is most remarkable – it is possible, even wearing old jeans and a regular shirt. Although, frankly, hard to find thing small waist or gorgeous Breasts Kim will look bad 😉

Ms. Kardashian does not hide his love for jeans. Street style in her performance has leaped forward, having obviously missing him chic. Jeans? Yes! But in combination with mind-blowing “studs”, high boots or boots with thick lacing. Throw in tight t-shirt, a blouse with an intriguing neckline or a corset – and now everyday clothes sparkle with new colors, transforming the style of Kim Kardashian in a mix of urban, casual, street and vintage styles.

Considering their more lush (despite my weight – 53 kg), she emphasizes the slimness of his waist, believing that this accent her figure will look especially sexy. She is not ashamed Kim wear the slimming underwear: stretch pants, knickers and bodysuits occupy a considerable part of her wardrobe.

Kim likes to reveal the secrets of their success, stating in numerous interviews that the clothes of a modern girl should include a mix of 4 styles: romantic, street, and star city.

As proof of his words the style of Kim assumes the existence of wonderful romantic dresses (definitely fitted), hats with short veils and a wide brim, and gloves (well where without it) adorable shoes on a high hairpin.

Leaving the streets of the city, Kim Kardashian wears her favorite jeans, leggings or stretch pants ideal, emphasizing its charms deep plunging neckline, trendy wide belts and immodest length skirts.

Style Kim Kardashian is not very pretentiousness or artificiality. This girl is so alive, bright and extraordinary, a perfect styling or strict business suit she’s just “not go”. Her life, full of fashion events, parties, shows and filming, creates all conditions to ensure that this lady wore, felt and lived according to her beauty and character.


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