the Style of minimalism in clothing: anything extra

What most of us associate the minimalism style in clothes? Many people take this term literally, minimalism means a minimum of clothing. Others equate minimalism to asceticism and claim that he is boring and uninteresting. Today, the website Stylish is to combat stereotypes.

We will discuss what constitutes the style of this clothing style and you will be convinced that it is very elegant in its moderation.

Who suits the style of minimalism in clothing?

We will not hide until this style need to grow, to Mature mentally. And though this style has no age or social limitations, not everyone can feel comfortable in it.

Clearly, minimalism is contraindicated in those who are accustomed to Express themselves through colorful clothes, flashy accessories and extravagant hairstyles. Minimalist architecture called chic simplicity. And this brevity is shown in all and the number of accessories, and in shapes and decoration of clothing and hairstyle.

So fans of this style are, as a rule, women are rather confident in yourself, self-esteem, recover from boyish and know their worth.

The key features of minimalism

The main principle of minimalism is the rejection of the quantity in favor of quality. He relies primarily on the reasonableness of silhouette and cut, paying special attention to the material used and technique, while avoiding the congestion of the image details.

The number of decorative elements on the garment can thus be reduced to virtually zero. Flounces, jabot, lace, bright accessories minimalism is not peculiar. Preference tselnokrajnimi things with a moderate amount of decoration.

For the minimalist characteristic of the monochrome colors of the wardrobe and restrained tone. However, today’s designers paid tribute to the lover of bright colours: things that designed in minimalist style, can be not only pastel, but bright yellow, blue, turquoise and many other colors. However, the principle remains monochrome.

As for materials, the minimalism makes the choice in favor of natural fabricsthat hold their shape well, look natural, elegant and not add volume.

Clothes in minimalistic style

Clothing that fits the format of this style emphasizes the silhouette and slightly pull it up. The most traditional to minimalistic things are the following:

— sheath dress

— pencil skirt

— fitted office blouse

— a classical business suit, skirt and pant

— turtleneck


— classic straight cut jeans – appropriate color, no scuffs, zippers, rivets, etc.

from outer clothing – a coat, cloak, close-fitting jacket

Closet, tucked up in a minimalist style, has a high degree of variability and versatile in any situation. He emphasizes the good taste of its owner, without making it either too conservative or boring.

Shoes in the style of minimalism

Commitment to quality continues in that paragraph: the shoes should be comfortable, made of genuine leather, thin soles. Minimalism does not allow for such decorative elements, like bows, flowers, large buckles and clasps, rhinestones, etc.

Classic pumps are not very high heeled boots, form-fitting Shin – this is the most traditional shoes in the spirit of minimalism. These shoes allows you to feel comfortable, not beyond the General style of the outfit.

Accessories in the style of minimalism

There is a Golden rule of the image: the brighter and more refined clothes, the more modest it must choose the right accessories, and Vice versa.

Thus, clothes in the style of minimalism it allows the presence of conspicuous accessories. However, you must remember that the emphasis of the image must be only one. Let it be a large brooch in the shape of a flower, a bright zone or multi-row chain thing, just not all at once.

However, you can choose some ornaments that will also be in the style of minimalism, e.g. a thin strand of pearls and pearls in the ears.

Bag – an important detail of the image. It also needs to be neat finishing and style: no major accessories, fake labels, decorative pockets, etc. the Bag should be of a good quality, functional and simple frame, i.e. to keep the shape, roomy enough for this particular case.

The minimalist preference for such celebrities, such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow. But these women sure no one can call neither plain nor boring nor tasteless. They chose architecture as a worthy framing their natural beauty.

In fact, the commitment to minimalism in clothes life much easier and allows you to look decent in any situation.

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