the Styles of a kitchen

It is believed that a woman preparing food for loved ones, displays his power. And that energy was positive, and the food is delicious, the woman to cook in a comfortable environment. The kitchen is not just a stove, sink and cutting table.

The kitchen is a workshop, and there were born culinary masterpieces, the hostess be happy to be in it. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about what styles of kitchen interior there. And you can choose the one that you.

The most popular styles of kitchen interior

Modern style

This style is very popular today. The first and foremost feature of the kitchen in modern style – special attention to rational use of space. Furnished a kitchen is very functional and ergonomic. It is made using the most modern and varied finishing materials. Built-in appliances is designed to provide a level of comfort for the housewife.

The color scheme of the kitchen in modern style are limited only by your imagination and preferences: it can be as calm, pastel tones, and quite avant-garde.

Country style

Here the key principle is naturalness. Kitchen in country style is made in the most natural colours – olive, blue, pink, pale green, beige. The furniture is wooden. Curtains made of natural fabrics, with floral or natural designs. Finish provides neither iron, nor concrete, nor glass. Walls are finished with boards or plaster. Floors are also wooden or stone. Hanging on the wall dishes, as well as all sorts of jars with spices, placed on the surface of furniture – a distinctive feature of country style.

Of course, without modern appliances the hostess can not do. But it should be as hidden from view behind the doors of cabinets and drawers or behind curtains. In this kitchen a pleasure to drink in silence a Cup of tea after a hectic day’s work.

Classic style

Reserved classic provides the furniture with simple geometric shapes and unobtrusive decor. The colours are very calm and close to natural shades: beige, dark brown, Burgundy. The furniture is made of solid wood or stylized tree with films. On a classic is timeless – it is always current. Therefore, the classical style was and remains one of the most popular in kitchen design.

In this room everything is simple, logical and understandable. However, nothing prevents to give him some pathos with gilt decoration of furniture or carved moldings.

The high-tech style

This style people prefer practical and modern. Metal, glass, plastic are the main finishing materialsused to create this interior. The kitchen in style hi-tech are extremely minimalist. Virtually no decor. Everything is subordinated to the idea of functionality.

Furniture provides a large number of shelves, drawers so that every thing found my own space. Appliances meets the highest technical requirements. And most importantly – a lot of light.

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech equipped with a large number of built-in lights that provide illumination on virtually every inch of space. The dominant colors – white, black, silver. Allowed touches of bright red, yellow, green, blue.

Marine style

If you think that is better than a sea can be only the sea, it is your choice. Transform your kitchen into a true galley. Dominant colors – white and blue: the color of the water and clouds. When the colors of any room will look cheerful. Because the ship – not to luxury, then your interior should differ simplicity of finishes and decor.

Furniture, floors, walls – wood. Windows closed blinds or thin light curtains, blown by the wind. As the curtains are suitable in a fishing net. Kitchenware – too simple, clay. And instead of a chandelier above the table hang the lamp.

Finish design with stylized accessories: shells, starfish, etc. This interior is very economical and suitable for small kitchen.

Japanese style

The Japanese theme is now in Vogue. The interior in a similar style will also be a great solution for kitchen modest dimensions, because its main concept is minimalism. Simplicity, functionality and commitment to natural materials – that’s what distinguishes this kitchen.

The Japanese have used for food to relax, to get her a real pleasure, and this kitchen could not be better this helps. No bulky furniture. No avant-garde colors. All made, quietly and sets a tranquil mood.

However, despite the apparent austerity of this situation, the kitchen in Japanese style – not a cheap pleasure. Least because it needs to equip with the latest appliances.

I hope that these tips will help you to choose the style of the kitchen interior so that you and your family it was comfortable and nice.