Types of manicure

Let’s see and consider the basic and most common types of manicure to coming to the salon, you are confused by the abundance of facilities. Already long past the time when well maintained nails in women and men were rare and attracted surprised looks. In modern society, the bewilderment and hostility will cause the owner rather carelessly cut nails, not giving your hands enough attention.

After all for anybody not a secret that the beautiful, well-groomed hands with neat manicure is not just another way to look more attractive, but also mandatory hygienic procedure.


  • Manicure De-lux
  • A La Naturelle
  • Unedged types of manicure: European hardware and
  • Relax on the full program: Spa manicure
  • Japanese
  • The heyday of the classics
Types of manicure

Manicure De-lux

The professionals have an Arsenal of tools that will help to recover the deformed and damaged nails. De luxe is a complex intensive therapy of the nail plate, and is a sophisticated version of the classic manicure.

Before to give the nail shape and remove cuticle, the master holds a massage with rubbing in the nail, essential oils and paraffin, the session wraps, causes treatment mask and serum that prevents aging of the skin.

Separate attention deserves such a procedure as “sealing” the nail. This in-depth exposure to the nail plate, a real salvation for neglected and weak nails: the combined properties of powders of vitamins and minerals (pearl, quartz, malachite) comprising therapeutic agents strengthen the nails and give them a second life.

It is sufficient to repeat the procedure of sealing once a month, and you will forget about problems with nails.

A La Naturelle

French manicure, or as it is called — French — never given way in the struggle for popularity. The nail shape. On the basis of the applied varnish natural shades — pale pink, light beige, in some salons cost a transparent remedy.

The tips of nail are painted white — this is the classic French twist. But you can include fantasy and to decorate their nails, such as creative, “Hollywood” or fun-French — manicure based on the classic French, very much.

In any beauty salon you will render services in nail care, but this does not mean that we should completely exclude home care. Be sure to do strengthen and baths and use a nourishing cream or butter.

Unedged types of manicure: European hardware and

Types of manicure in which the cuticles are not cut, and soften and postpone the entire gain in popularity, as they are more secure.

Hardware manicure is performed on dry nails and takes very little time. A special device has several nozzles that rotate at high speed (10-12 thousand rpm), and performs all the necessary procedures.

Master only controls the process of sawing, grinding and polishing of the nail. It would seem that this method, especially at relatively low price machine, ideal for home use, but diamond and sapphire tips at this speed can cause serious injury.

So before you start using this method at home, we recommend you to take the courses.

In any case, do not mix two types of manicure: trim and hardware! The use of such aggressive methods on a wet surface can lead to unpleasant consequences.

If you faithfully follow the state of your nails and regularly visit beauty salons European manicure will ensure you have a supporting effect: the cuticle is not cut, but only softened gel with fruit acids and then pushed a wooden stick.

Different types of manicure

A soft brush removed the dirt under the nail, and using a scrub in this type of manicure will allow easy polingaysi effect. At the end of the session, the nails are covered with varnish or medical basis. However, if you don’t always find time to care for your nails, pay attention to the following.

Relax on the full program: Spa manicure

Here the joint European and edging types of manicure, at the request of the customer master can leave or trim cuticles and overgrown skin. Treated hands are exposed to chemical peeling to remove dead skin cells.

The effect of rejuvenation is achieved with application to the skin formulations with dairy and AHA-acids, and a session of acupuncture massage, during which the master acts on the active points, thus improving your overall condition.

Japanese manicure

Forever young Japanese woman Masako Mizutani spends on Facials for five hours a day, and 43 years old looks 20. Sure and hands she looks as carefully and thoroughly, especially Japanese manicure involves the use of more than twenty compositions and drugs, but that’s not all!

Manicure diagnoses for each nail separately, causing the reagents and prospecive special lamps. Then write a personal list of remedies for nail care, and even advises to go on a diet and revise your lifestyle, if it finds the condition of nails inadequate.

After hands and nails are massaged with the application of keratin lotion, degrease, and fill the micro cracks on the surface of the nail with special mineral-based, which aligns the plate.

At the end of the procedure, the nail cover pearl powder and applied colored lacquer.

The heyday of the classics

Classic manicure is also called wet, and it was included in the list of standard services of the Soviet hairdressing.

  1. Before you start to remove the cuticle and burrs, the master cleans the nail plate from the remnants of varnish, if any.
  2. Next, the nails shaped to form, based on your wishes and the recommendations of the expert. Filing the nails is sand or glass nail file. Use a metal nail file is highly undesirable because it can lead to delamination and destruction of the nail plate, it is necessary to remember, first and foremost, owners of fine nails!
  3. After the nails are given a desired shape, steamed hands. If desired, the water can add essential oil or salt bomb — this will further soften the skin.
  4. After steaming, as it should dry hands, and you can proceed to further processing: removal of cuticle and burrs. This stage of the manicure and owes its name. In the process, the cuticles (the skin located at the base of the nail) cause agent with softening properties, and then ruthlessly removed with clippers or nail scissors.

It is not only quite painful but also dangerous: through open wounds, which remain after cutting of cuticle, the blood can easily get infected, especially if the master was treated unfairly in the sterilization of instruments.

When steaming in the process of classical trimming manicure can completely replace the water on a hot oil composition, with added vitamins and essential oils.

Then the usual session of manicure will turn into a real aromatherapy: while the master is working over the appearance of your hands, you relax, enjoying the scent of roses, patchouli and ylang-ylang.


Here are the main types of manicure, I hope that among them each of you choose your. Good luck!

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