The Velvet manicure

This trend in nail art velvet manicure is a relatively new, but it has already managed to win the hearts of many fashionistas worldwide. Velvet manicure is a nail with a special material that makes their surface in the truest sense of the word “velour”.

In use, this design is called “cashmere claws“. This technology resembles a matte finish with the additional effect of velvet on your nails. (See. also nail Design)


  • The technique of velvet manicure
  • Video — how to apply flocking powder
  • Photo velvet manicure
Velvet manicure

How to do velvet nails?

1 way

Application technique of this design is that by using the apparatus of Placidia or Flogan on the nails applied a special material in flock powder.

All of this is easy to perform at home. To do this:

  1. Cover your nails with any varnish.
  2. The upper layer apparatus to apply the flocking powder.
  3. Dry the nails with UV lamp rays.

2 way

Velvet manicure can be done without special apparatus.

1. Apply on the nail transparent nail Polish

2. Before it dries apply the flocking powder. It is sold in any specialty store, and the choice of colors is huge.

3. Once dry, paint with a brush to remove excess flock powder

For the resistance of such coatings may not survive. It will withstand any load (washing dishes, floors, washing, cleaning, etc.).

Velvet manicure nail

However, to make your nails longer well-groomed and pleasing you with its velvety modulations, it is better to do all the work in rubber gloves.

Such a design may have a more fluffy appearance. It is his cute nickname “shaggy sweater on a nail”. This is a great option for a Christmas nail design.

Particularly harmonious velvet manicure goes well with the evening outfit of velvet or velour. It is best if the color will completely match the color of the outfit or be a contrast with the dress. Increased interest in your person will be provided.

Velvet moon French

Video — how to do a velvet manicure

Velvet manicure photo