the Zoning of space in a Studio apartment

Accommodation in a Studio apartment is always fraught with difficulties caused by the lack of space. Because any of us needed to be happy with separate areas for eating, for sleep, for work, creativity, etc. Professor Preobrazhensky fully admit that Isadora Duncan may, and dines in the office, but rabbits cut in the bathroom.

But we’ll take it in the living room and operate in the operating and bequeathed intelligent Professor! Even if to all this we have a very modest living space. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how you should wisely and logically to make the zoning of space in a Studio apartment.

The principles of zoning of space in a Studio apartment

Blank walls reduce usable area. And we have a problem are diametrically opposed. We strive to maximize the productive use of every cm of our apartment. To divide it into functional zones and turn at the same time in dungeons, you can use simple techniques:


Putting sided rack perpendicular to the wall and equipping it with each side folding tops, it is possible to obtain two isolated jobs.

Using high Cabinet, you can isolate the sleeping area.

The bar is the best option zoning living room and kitchen in one-room Studio.

Curtains and sheers. You can hide the bed in luxurious four-poster bed or the curtains in the Oriental style. Bamboo curtains will help to separate the sitting area from the hallway.

With the help of color. This is also one of the most popular and easy to implement solutions.

For example, if you’re in a Studio apartment use of different texture and color of finishing materials, you effortlessly visually divide the kitchen and bathroom.

The room is also possible to play on contrasts. Can also optionally use sources of artificial light to highlight a particular area of space.

This method of zoning is especially good for small apartments because it basically eliminates the involvement of additional space and built only on visual effects.

With the help of screens and partitions. And this variant, in contrast, is better suited for modern, spacious apartments. It is especially recommended to lovers of the style loft.

False-partition is not require intervention in the structure of walls and complex installation. Screens well and is simple to operate. Besides, with their help you can easily make alterations to your cozy nest at any time because the screen is quite mobile.

In addition, the artificial partitions and screens function as decorative elements. Partitions can be painted to any color to decorate an unusual pattern, hang them on picture, photo and planters. In addition, they do not necessarily have to be rectangular – you can play with the form.

As for screens, you can choose the option that best fits the interior of your apartment and perform their additional finish to your liking.

Zoning with different levels. If you live in an apartment with high ceilings, you come to the aid of catwalks. This files most often on the podiums erected a bed or sofa. However, it is a matter of taste.

You can equip on a small pedestal workstation or floral area. Usually the space under the podium is used to store some things.

The allocation of areas in the apartment is also possible with split-level ceilings.

Door coupe. Alternative false-partitions can be sliding doors. They don’t steal space, as do normal doors, but are a functional detail of the interior.

You can choose transparent doors, frosted glass with thread, completely deaf, depending on which area you want to highlight, and from the stylistic concept of the interior.

Zoning of space in a Studio apartment – is not the most difficult. Especially that resourceful designers have invented for us. The most important thing – to determine your personal needs and sensibly evaluate the possibilities offered to you in this area.

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