Tools for the perfect manicure and design

Every sexy girl or woman must take care of the nails and be mindful of the need, albeit modest, manicure. Special to lovers of the smell of nail Polish and glitter acrylic powder does not appear to be life without the beautiful, original and exquisite manicure. What should keep in your beauty salon kind of girl for a more complete and professional treatment of their nails?

In every women’s makeup bag…

Item No. 1: manicure set.

Choosing a manicure set, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and the quality of each tool.

A nail kit should include:

  • Scissors with slightly rounded or straight ends;
  • metal nail file;
  • tweezers to remove dead cuticle;
  • cutter;
  • a special wand to move aside the cuticle.

Item No. 2: the cuticle oil.

Before any manicure dead skin cuticles need to push, and if necessary to remove the cutters, but also be moistened with a special oil for the cuticle. In addition to moisturizing and toning action on the skin around the nail plate it also helps to remove from the skin the surplus of lacquer in case he accidentally hit the cuticle.

Item No. 3: soft nail file and buffing block.

Manicure sets often with a soft brush for delicate sawing does not occur, and the block always have to buy separately.

Item No. 4: special product based on the adhesive to prevent ingress of varnish on the skin.

Just before a manicure would be good applied to the area around the nail is a tool that, when fast drying is transformed into a translucent film, which easily hits together with the surplus of lacquer.

Item No. 5: base and top cover.

These coatings have to be of good quality, as well as high quality determines in most cases the price is expensive. The base coating is applied in one or two coats before applying color nail Polish or gel and prevents yellowing of the nail plate, its destruction under the action of the other lakes, improves its appearance. A top coating also completes the manicure and applied in a single layer.

Item No. 6: directly lacquers.

To date, the range of nail Polish obscenely wide and varied: a varnish with a matte or glossy coating, mother of pearl and magnetic varnishes with sequins or without. But any girl should be lucky the main six “basic” colors that will be possible after mixing using foil paper or special palettes: white, black, red, blue, green, yellow and beige.

Item No. 7: a palette for mixing colors.

Item No. 8: transfer foil for nails.

Sold small rolls of different sizes and is translated into the base coat with tight pressing fingers. Their range is as diverse: the foil is found as matte colors, creating the effect of a varnish or gel coating of the nail and gloss, various patterns, tints, and color transitions.

Item No. 9: self-adhesive colored tape.

Can be used as nail art, and stencils.

Item No. 10: water or normal nail stickers.

Water decals are sold whole, for the whole of the nail. Before using them I need to soak beforehand in water to peel the tape and carefully sticking to the nail, pressing with your fingers or tweezers. The extra part of the sticker carefully cut off with a nail file toward the center of the nail.

Item No. 11: rhinestones and all kinds of sets of studs, beads, pearls, eggs, body jewelry, metal figures and parts.

They can stick either on the top cover, or on a special glue for rhinestones – in the latter case they will stay safer. After gluing rhinestones nail should cover the top, without going to the rhinestones, otherwise, their luster lost.

Item No. 12: dotsy

Dotsy tools with balls of different diameters at the two ends; used to the point manicure. Can replace the conventional toothpicks.

Item No. 13: the professional set of brushes for nail Polish.

Including fan brush and a thin elastic brush for design on nails.

Item No. 14: acrylic powder, velvet powder and many sequins.

All this diversity is applied to the nail coated with a base layer and colored lacquer, either with tweezers or fingers, light prihlopyvaûŝimi movements.