TOP wedding dresses 2015: trends

Vivid and memorable wedding gown will appreciate not only your loved ones, but also the guests. The main thing you should go – it’s courage.

Believe me, your efforts will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded with the compliments of the people around them. Today we would like to raise the issue of the most beautiful wedding dresses from the new collection 2015. Let’s discuss new items and choose the most stunning models for your wedding.


The most beautiful wedding dresses must be seductive and at the same time dramatic. Your image can be compared with a stage and a wedding with the most exciting movie of your life. The fashion brand La Sposa Chic introduced a new collection of dresses for a charming new 2015. This model wedding dresses – the embodiment of glamor and beauty.
The dress from La Sposa Chic every girl can feel as a princess.

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If you taste a refined silhouette, note the new collection of wedding dresses 2012 from Jillian Sposa. Speaking of style.

In 2015, the fashion is minimalist. Designers are increasingly turning to simple silhouettes and translucent materials. While some wedding dresses look quite frankly, maybe for you they will like.
On the fashion catwalks of ogranzy spotted dress, chiffon, silk, which are completely devoid of decoration. But many designers have relied on the finish of lace, which, incidentally, is very even not bad. Lace has always been a lot of wedding fashion, and today it is regaining the reins. The new season of fashion classic back lace dress with long sleeves.

Who knows, maybe this is how the image looks like this bride? But fashion brand Elihav Sasson offers in the new season to try yourself in the role of a charming retro diva.

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Today in fashion includes sophisticated models of dresses that surprise, style and neat decor. Designers are increasingly prefer a translucent lace patterns that form the image of an innocent beauty.

Wedding hairstyles 2015 photos

Wedding hairstyles have always been a special style. This is a classic that is not subject to age. But here, stylists manage to find new and new trends, delighting brides ordinary fashion novelties.
Let’s talk about the most fashionable hairstyles 2015 for weddings.
Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2015 – is a huge horizon of ideas and solutions. The fact is that long hair allows to translate into reality any dream of the bride. The main thing to do it artfully and with the fashion accessories.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2015 – is mostly gentle and classic models. Designers are increasingly turning for inspiration to the romantic image. Among the most popular hairstyles of the new season – curls. This romantic styling, which like most brides. It is ideal for weddings outdoors. In this case, as the original supplements can act as a hoop or a wreath made of wooden sticks.