20 two-tone manicure — beautiful photos

I present to you a selection of two — color nail designs pictures gallery. The most beautiful combination of colors and the 50 most beautiful nail designs using only two colors.

Since childhood we are surrounded by a palette of colors. Almost from birth, we take a brighter subjects spontaneously choose a color, which I like more, but when you get older, approach to the choice of color becomes much more serious — what skirt to wear under a white shirt which is better pokleit Wallpaper in the nursery.

Choose the right palette of colors — much more difficult than it might seem at first sight. With the right choice of color, face on a daily basis artists, makeup artists, and ordinary people who just going to go to work. We, in this article we shall consider how to combine the two colors in the nail design.

Two-tone manicure mix color

The article began with the fact that a variety of colors surround us from birth. This is the main key to choosing the right and beautiful colors! Living in the modern world it is difficult not to notice its beauty and harmony.

Each of us admires the colors of the autumn trees once watched with admiration the picturesque landscape of sunrise, the unusual coloring of budgies and other birds. The world has created for all the beautiful combinations of colors! Watching nature and its beauty, we too can create amazing, unusual and at the same time a fascinating combination of colors.

The combination of red and black colors manicure

If you remember the blooming of the Apple tree, it will remind us of the delicate combination of pink and white tones. Such a gentle, powdery tonality perfect for summer, easy nail Polish, highlighting women’s delicacy and fragility.

White and pink color nail design

Looking at the Aster flower, you can see bright and eye-catching colour combinations that will always stand out from others. It is sufficient to have location purple and green colors.

Going into pine forest, we see a consummate green black khaki. The color scheme will appeal to people with an independent position in life.

When the mountains meet the sky, born of a beautiful green — turquoise palette, with grey shades — photo of water manicure. Such a combination cannot fail to please our eyes.

And let us remember autumn trees near the pond, this is one of the most beautiful combinations of colors. A more pronounced tone blue and gold, perhaps, difficult to imagine.

Winter birch grove should not remain unchecked, in the sunlight the trees glisten with silver, Otten bluish snow.

White and blue manicure

Two-tone French manicure

Two-tone moon manicure

Two tone nail design with rhinestones

How to do a two-tone manicure with gold video tutorial

Master class — water gradient manicure in two colors

Two-tone manicure photo gallery